Student Teaching and the Professional Semester

PEDG 4630: This is the student teaching course. You must apply for student teaching a year before you expect to do it.

All-level music certification requires students to student teach half the semester at the elementary level and half at the secondary level. For instrumental students, this usually means that they are stationed at a middle school for half the semester and at a high school, the other half. Choral students spend half a semester in a middle or high school choral program and half a semester in an elementary general music class. If instrumental students wish to teach elementary general music, they may student teach half a semester in a middle or high school instrumental program and half in elementary classroom music. If you are interested in this possibility, please discuss it with the Music Education Coordinator.

Financial aid may not be available because it offers only six credit hours, and ordinarily you must carry 12 hours to be eligible for financial aid. You may need to plan ahead for tuition funds for this course because you will not want to carry an additional six hours of coursework while student teaching.