Will My Credits Transfer?

As a transfer student, one of your top concerns is the likelihood of your credits transferring. LU accepts all academic courses from regionally accredited institutions. We have also partnered with CollegeSource to offer Transferology, a free tool to help transfer students find out which of their courses will transfer. Transferology makes exploring college transfer easy!

Transferology Logo

To use Transferology:

  • Create a free account at transferology.com.
  • Enter the school name where you plan to take or have taken a course.
  • Enter the department name of the course and select the course you have taken or plan to take. The selected courses will appear to the right.
  • After you have entered all your courses, click the green "Search for Matches" button.
  • If any "Maybe" courses appear, click "Request More Information" to have your courses sent to LU Admissions and evaluated for credit.
  • Please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at recruitment@lamar.edu or (409) 880-8813 for additional assistance.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

  1. All courses – passed, failed or repeated – are used to calculate the transfer grade point average, which is used to determine admission status.
  2. Grades of D are transferable, but departments may refuse to count them toward a degree.
  3. No lower-division (1000 or 2000 level) college credits will be considered for transfer as upper-division (3000 or 4000) credits. Credits earned toward a baccalaureate degree at a two-year institution granted state authority to award such will be exempted from this policy. Students transferring under this exception must provide a transcript verifying their matriculation in an approved baccalaureate degree program.
  4. Acceptance to the university does not constitute acceptance to a particular degree program.
  5. Transfer students will be informed of the amount of credit that will transfer no later than the end of the first academic term in which they are enrolled. For information on resolving transfer credit disputes, email transfercredit@lamar.edu.


Consideration for our military members 

We will accept all military transfer credits meeting American Council on Education guidelines. Students should submit official Joint Services Transcripts (JST). The university grants non-equivalent credit; however, department chairs may grant equivalent credit toward degree requirements. Credit for military experience may be granted based on ACE evaluation recommendations. Veteran services members should submit Form DD214 or Form DD256, providing honorable discharge. For active duty service members, a current military ID or other document providing active duty status will suffice.