Will My Credits Transfer?


As a transfer student your number one concern is the likelihood of your credits transferring.  You’ll be pleased to know that Lamar University honors the Texas Common Course numbering system (TCCNS).  We have also partnered with several institutions to assist with the transfer process.

Use the Transfer Equivalency Guide to see how specific courses will transfer from your community/junior college.   

Guidelines for Lamar Univeristy Accepting Credits

  1. All courses – whether passed, failed or repeated – are used to calculate the transfer grade point average, which is used to determine admission status.
  2. Grades of D are transferable, but departments may refuse to count them toward a degree.
  3. Transfers from a community (two-year) college are limited to 66 semester hours of transferable credit. No community (two-year) college credits will be considered for upper-level (junior-senior) credits.
  4. Transfer students normally will be informed of the amount of transfer credit awarded within two weeks of acceptance. In some circumstances, evaluation may take longer, with credit being awarded no later than the end of the student’s first academic term at Lamar University. For information on resolving transfer credit disputes, visit the link on this page.

Special consideration for our military members- we accept all transfer credits meeting American Council on Education guidelines. Students should submit official ACE transcripts. The university grants non-equivalent credit; however, department chairs may grant equivalent credit toward degree requirements. Credit for military experience may be granted based on ACE evaluation recommendations. Students should submit Form DD214 or Form DD256.