Music Major Forms

Students backstage at Lamarissimo concert

Please carefully read each set of instructions that accompany the corresponding form.

Recital Forms

Please use both forms below for all student, faculty, and guest artist recitals. The Recital Contract must be complete with signatures before any room reservations can be made.

Accompanying Policy for All Music majors and Music Minors.

Jury Forms

All music majors, except those completing senior recitals, perform a jury exam as the final exam for their Applied Music course in each long semester. Below are the jury forms. Please type the appropriate jury form (interactive .pdf) and then print the specified number of copies (list below) to take to your applied instructor for approval, AT LEAST two days before jury, or as indicated by your instructor.

Other Forms

Form used to request recording of a recital or a special recording session. This form should be submitted FOUR WEEKS before the performance that is to be recorded. The application must be completed (interactive .pdf), printed and signed. Once signed, applicant pays the appropriate fee at the Cashiering Office in the Wimberly Building and returns the application and receipt to Delores Black, 103 Music Building, for processing. Dr. Nick Rissman will then make arrangements for the recording to take place.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Concert Management Form

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, as a service to the department, provides stage hands for recitals and concerts, at no cost to the university or the individual. The request form should be submitted FOUR WEEKS before your event to ensure time for the group to assign a student or students to work. The form should be completed (interactive .pdf), printed and signed by your applied instructor and turned in to the Phi Mu Alpha mailbox in MUS 105. Please double check with a member of Phi Mu Alpha a couple of days prior to your event for confirmation.

Piano Scheduling Form

This form is used at the beginning of each long semester, by students enrolled in MUSI 1181 (Class Piano) or non-majors enrolled in MUAP 1269 (Piano), to submit schedule to Kathleen Odom so that piano classes can be scheduled. The completed form should be brought to the first 10:20 Recital Hour of any given semester. Those non-majors unable to attend the 10:10 Recital Hour should submit the form at their earliest convenience to Ms. Odom's mailbox in MUS 105. Check back the second week of the semester for assigned lesson times posted adjacent to the Piano Lab (MUS 111).

10:20 Recital Scheduling Application

Use this form (students or faculty) to make application for the student to appear on regular student recital, scheduled weekly at the 10:20 a.m. Friday class period. Form should be completed (interactive .pdf), printed and signed by the applied music instructor before submitting to Ms. Greschner's mailbox in MUS 105.

Delta Omicron Program Assistants

Delta Omicron, as a free service to the department, will stand as program assistants who will arrive 30 minutes before your event and distribute programs and program notes, if any. Once the recital starts we will prevent disruptions to your performance and only allow guests to enter according to your wishes. In order to schedule an individual to be at your recital to do this service, please complete the above form, print it out, and place in the mailbox in MUS 105 at least FOUR WEEKS prior to your event. Please double check with Dr. Robin Smith or a member of Delta Omicron a couple of days prior to your event for confirmation.

Waiver of Liability for Group Trips

F3.33 Request for Use of University Facilities