Scholarship Opportunities

Percussion students

Music scholarships are awarded based on the student’s initial audition to the music department (see Audition Information for more details). The amount varies according to the student’s talent level, major, instrument or voice part and, to some extent, financial need.

All students should have an application on file through the "MyScholarships" General Application portal. This allows the student, music department, and university to connect you with scholarship opportunities. Some available scholarships must be applied for, while others are automatically matched with your application. Often times, a student who earns a music department scholarship, and is offered X number of dollars, is funded from several smaller scholarship sources. To receive these monies, a MyScholarship application must be on file. For more information, visit the LU Scholarship Information page. 

All music scholarships carry agreement to:

  • Participate in ensembles
  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average (G.P.A.)
  • Earn an “A” in ensembles and no less than a “B” in applied music courses (as applicable)

First semester students whose GPA falls between 2.5 and 2.0 will have their scholarship reduced by 50% for one semester.  If the student’s GPA is not improved to 2.5 by the end of the second semester, the scholarship will be revoked. If the first semester student’s GPA after one semester is below 2.0, the scholarship will be revoked. 

With exemplary academic achievement in the music degree, outstanding musical progress, and excellent participation in ensembles, students may apply to raise their scholarship amounts at the end of the spring semester for the following fall.