Music Scholarship Opportunities

At Lamar University, there are several ways to earn scholarship money for participating in Music Department activities.

Music Scholarships are broken down as follows:

  • Mary Morgan Moore Department of Music Scholarship
  • Marching Band Scholarship
  • Jazz Ensemble Scholarship
  • Basketball Pep Band Scholarship


More information About Each Scholarship:

Music Department Scholarship: This is the main music scholarship and is awarded to Choral, Piano, Percussion, Woodwind, and Brass players. They are awarded based on the student’s initial audition to the music department (see Audition Information for more details). The amount varies according to the student’s talent level, major, instrument or voice part.

In addition to completing the Music Department Application and performing an audition, all students should have an application on file through the "MyScholarships" General Application portal. This allows the student, music department, and university to connect you with scholarship opportunities. Some available scholarships must be applied for, while others are automatically matched with your application. Often times, a student who earns a music department scholarship, and is offered X number of dollars, is funded from several smaller scholarship sources. To receive these monies, a MyScholarship application must be on file. For more information, visit the LU Scholarship Information page. 

All Music Department scholarships carry agreement to:

  • Participate in concert band or choral ensembles
  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average (G.P.A.)
  • Earn an “A” in ensembles and no less than a “B” in applied music courses (as applicable)

Students whose GPA falls below 2.5 will be placed on Academic Probation. For more information regarding Academic Probation and scholarship stipulations, please see the Music Department Student Handbook.

Marching Band Scholarship: This scholarship is in addition to a Music Department Scholarship. It is earned through participation in the Lamar University Marching Band. The scholarship is applied at the end of the marching band fall season. First year woodwinds and brass members earn $500. Second year members earn $650. Third year members earn $750. All fourth year and above members earn $1300. Drumline and Color Guard members in years 1-3 earn $1000, but have an extra required practice each week. If a student ever becomes a section leader or drum major they earn $1250 if in year two or three. Fourth year and above members who serve as a section leader earn $1550 for the season. Find out more information on the Marching Band. 

Jazz Ensemble Scholarship: A Jazz ensemble scholarship is in addition to a Music Department Scholarship and is earned through participation in the top Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Professor Rick Condit. Find out more information about the Jazz Bands at Lamar University. 

Basketball Pep Band Scholarship: This scholarship is in addition to a Music Department Scholarship. Members who perform in the basketball pep band earn $36 per game played. The number of games played is added up and applied to a students account after the basketball season ends in March. Find out more information on the Cardinal Basketball Pep Band.