Undergraduate Degrees

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The Mary Morgan Moore Department of Music is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Undergraduate Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degrees - General Requirements

  1. Meet the basic requirements for all degree programs.
  2. Complete one of the programs of study listed below.
  3. Successfully complete seven semesters of MUSI 1170 (Recital Attendance) to be approved for graduation.
  4. A music course with a grade of "D" will not apply toward graduation.
  5. All non-piano students must continue to take class piano for as many consecutive long semesters as are required for the completion of the piano proficiency exam.
  6. Piano majors will take secondary voice or secondary instruments, whichever applies to their intended course of study (vocal or instrumental), for as many consecutive long semesters as are required for the completion of the vocal or instrumental proficiency exam.

Music Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirement (3 hours):

MUSI 1306: All students seeking a minor in music will be required to take MUSI 1306 (Introduction to Music) as the core curriculum requirement in creative arts.

Music Minor Requirements (22 hours):

Lower Level

  • MUTY 1211, 1212, 1116, 1117: 6 hours
  • MUAP 12XX (2 courses): 4 hours
    • Note: MUAP Applied Lessons must be taken in the first two semesters after the minor is declared.
  • MULB 117X (2 courses): 2 hours
  • MUSI 1170 (2 courses): 2 hours

Upper Level (must earn 9 hours)

  • MUSI 3310, 3271, or 3280: 2 or 3 hours
  • MUSI 3250 or 3260: 2 hours
  • Upper level music electives: 4 or 5 hours

Lamar University reserves the right to modify degree requirements and teaching certificate requirements in keeping with legislative acts and rules established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Board for Education Certification.

Advanced Standing Examinations
The Music Department has determined that Advanced Standing Examinations (ASE) will not be approved for any course offered in the Department. Only in extremely rare circumstances (with a written letter of recommendation from the professor of the course in question) will this option be considered. Students who have previously failed the course in question, or who have earned a “D” or lower in the course sequence, will not receive approval for an ASE.

Students who wish to request approval must provide the Department Chair with a detailed request letter (prior to the first day of classes in the given semester) to include: 1) reason for the request explaining the nature of the extremely rare circumstance, 2) evidence of the student’s potential to pass the exam based upon prior study/learning (documentation strongly preferred), and 3) a written letter from the instructor of the course in question recommending that the ASE be approved for the student.