Percussion Auditions

There is an Application Process that must take place prior to auditioning. Please carefully follow all of the steps listed on the Application Process and Auditions Information page.

Prospective undergraduate percussion music majors and minors should demonstrate ability in three core areas: mallet keyboard, snare drum, and timpani. Please bring your own mallets as well as the original scores of all the music you will be performing for your audition. Additionally, please prepare a resume for your audition: list your school work, activities, honors and awards, and be sure to note any musical activities or accomplishments you have had outside of school. 

Please contact Francisco Perez ( for any questions regarding the percussion program or audition repertoire. 

Prospective students MUST audition in four areas:

Snare Drum

Snare Drum     

  • A solo or etude in concert style from Cirone’s Portraits in Rhythm, Peters’ Advanced Snare Drum Studies, Delecluse’s Douze Études, or similar.
  • A solo or etude in rudimental style from Pratt’s 14 Modern Contest Solos or Freytag’s Rudimental Cookbook, or similar.

Mallet Keyboard (Two Mallet AND Four Mallet)

  • Technical two-octave demonstration of all major and minor scales and arpeggios.
  • Standard two-mallet AND four-mallet solo works or etudes to demonstrate musicianship such as a movement from Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Violin, Peters’ Yellow After the Rain, Ford’s Marimba: Technique Through Music,  or any Class I or II work.


  • A standard work or etude to demonstrate musicianship such as Firth’s The Solo Timpanist, Beck’s Five Movements for Solo Timpani, or similar Class I and II solos or All-Region etude.
  • A demonstrated ability to tune multiple drums from a single given pitch.

Optional Areas for Video Submission

(Pieces that use complicated setups or non-standard instrumentation can be video taped and sent to Mr. Perez in addition to one's live audition.)

  • Multiple-percussion – A standard work or study to demonstrate musicianship such as Campbell’s Tork or Engine Room, or similar Class I or II solo.
  • Drumset or World Percussion – Demonstrate jazz, rock, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Asian, and/or other musical styles of drum set, hand percussion, or world music performance. Display time-keeping and solo fills in each style.