Section 4 - Employment Practices


SCOPE: STAFF Issued: 4/1/00

1. Policy: It is the policy of the University to favor reemployment of former employees who performed satisfactorily when previously employed and who are eligible for rehire, if doing so will benefit the employing department and the University.

2. Reemployment: Reemployment is the rehiring of a former employee, who performed satisfactorily and is eligible for rehire to a vacant position within the University. Individuals may be reemployed if they have voluntarily resigned in good standing or have completed temporary employment in good standing. Individuals may be reemployed after discharged if, after consultation with the discharging department, it is the opinion of the Director of Human Resources that reemployment will not be detrimental to the University.

Individuals discharged for cause must have successfully completed eighteen (18) months of documentable outside employment before they will be allowed to seek employment at Lamar University.

3. Reinstatement: Under specified circumstances, former employees may be reinstated to fill vacancies in the same position, or one of like pay and status held immediately prior to their separation. Reinstatement restores any benefits and service credits accrued at the time of separation in accordance with sections of the General Appropriations Act and rulings of the State Auditor. Employees who may receive reinstatement privileges are:

3.1 Those individuals who have been involved in a temporary or seasonal layoff without fault on their part;

3.2 Those individuals who have been on an approved leave of absence without pay and are returning to work;

3.3 Those individuals who have been discharged and the discharge is not upheld; or

3.4 Those individuals who have entered the Armed Forces of the United States by either Selective Service or enlistment and meet the requirements as outlined in the Reinstatement of Veterans provisions of the Military Selective Service Act and Article 62524a and 4b, Vernon's Annotated Civil Statues and,

3.5 Those individuals who have been removed from a regular position in accordance with the Retrenchment Policy.