Section 4 - Employment Practices


SCOPE: FACULTY Issued: 10/30/03

Revised: 1/01/07; 9/01/07; 06/22/2020

Policy: Lamar University seeks to hire the most qualified faculty in order to provide high quality instruction.


1. Opening Positions:

1.1 An opening is created by submitting an F 3.1 (Request to Fill a Position). The F 3.1 must be completed by the Office of Human Resources. Prior to submitting the F3.1, approval must be obtained from the appropriate Dean and the Provost.

1.2 Except in unusual circumstances (approved by the Provost), faculty positions are to be posted and open for a minimum of 10 days. However, it is recommended that the positions be posted for at least 30 calendar days.

1.3. New F3.1s for existing, vacant positions must be filed annually. All completed and signed F 3.1's and a position description must be filed with the Office of Human Resources by noon Thursday to be posted on Monday of the following week.

1.4 The Search Committee Chair shall be identified on the returned F 3.1.

2. Advertising a Position:

2.1 The Office of Human Resources will post the position on the HR web site, in the Positions Available bulletin, and on

2.2 Advertisements in professional journals or web sites will be placed by the hiring department. The Office of Human Resources will assist with the placement of an advertisement in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

2.3 A vacant position is not officially open until a new F3.1 has been filed and approved and it appears in the Positions Available bulletin. Other advertisements may not precede this.

3. Variation from Procedure: In emergency hiring circumstances, the department chairs should consult with the Dean of the college and the Provost, as well as the Office of Human Resources.

4. Selection Procedures for Full-Time Positions:

4.1 Applicant Pool
4.1.1 An applicant is anyone who expresses an interest in and submits the required documents defined in the position posting.

4.1.2 All applications, resumes, vitas, letters of recommendations, etc. must be sent to the Office of Human Resources. The information should be sent to the attention of: Search Committee Chair, c/o Human Resources, P.O. Box 11127, Beaumont, TX 77710.

4.1.3. Upon receipt of the applications, the Office of Human Resources will send the Applicant EEO Data Form. The form will be returned to the Office of Human Resources and the information recorded in the EEO database.

4.1.4 The Search Committee Chair will establish a time schedule for picking up applications. If the packet of applications is not picked up as scheduled, the Office of Human Resources will contact the Committee Chair.

4.1.5 When a position is to be closed and the Committee will no longer accept applications, the Search Committee Chair should notify immediately the Office of Human Resources.

4.1.6 Quarterly, the Office of Human Resources will send a list of open positions to the deans and the Provost.
4.2. Interview Procedures
4.2.1 Reference checks (both on and off list) will be conducted by the hiring department prior to the extension of invitations for campus interviews. Applicants will be notified of this policy in the letter of notification of receipt of the application. The department will also conduct the telephone (if any) and campus interviews.

4.2.2 Interviews conducted by the hiring department will be used to determine the applicant’s qualifications for the responsibilities of the position. Selection must be based on these qualifications.

4.2.3 During the campus interview, the hiring department must: have all applicants interviewed complete a Lamar University Application for Academic Employment form; and inform all applicants that the selected applicant must provide documents showing eligibility to work in the United States. For non-resident aliens, the University will not be responsible for securing the proper visa.

5. Hiring Procedures:

5.1 The Applicant EEO Data Report will be provided to the appropriate Dean at the close of the application period. The hiring department must notify the Office of Human Resources to send this report when the position is advertised as ―Open Until Filled.‖

5.2 After completing the selection process and when ready to make a recommendation to employ, the hiring department shall forward to the Dean the F 2.01 (Employment Recommendation); F 3.2 (Personnel Action Form); F 3.24 (Faculty Application Log) or Position Screening Matrix; Lamar University Application for Academic Employment form; Curriculum Vita; Official transcript(s); and Letters of Recommendation. (Note: Official transcripts must remain on file in the Office of the Provost.)

5.3 The Dean serves as the Affirmative Action Officer and is charged with a review of the applicant pool and the hiring process.

5.4 If the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs approve the recommended hire and contract, he/she will then send a letter of offer to the candidate. Upon return of the signed contract, the packet (with copies of official transcripts) will be sent to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

5.5 The Office of Human Resources will prepare and send the new faculty member a packet of information about the benefits provided by the University. The cost of postage for this mailing will be charged to the hiring department’s account.

5.6 All original applicant information is to be returned to the Office of Human Resources.

6. Benefits Orientation:

New faculty must make an appointment with the Benefits Coordinator for a benefits orientation. This appointment must be scheduled on or before the first duty day. At the beginning of each new semester, there will be a special benefits orientation for new faculty. Department Chairs are responsible for informing the new faculty of the orientation.

7. Exceptions to Normal Recruitment Procedures: Should the hiring unit demonstrate good and lawful cause, it may request, in writing, an exception to normal procedures and practices. Prior approval from the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and the Provost must be obtained. Posting waivers must be approved by the President of the University.

8. Employment Advertisement: The phrase "Equal Employment Opportunity Employer" will be used in all employment advertisements. Human Resources may assist departments in placing their advertisements for faculty positions.

9. Disqualification of Applicants: The University may reject any applicant who lacks the minimum qualification requirements; who has a record of dismissals, removals, or resignations; who is not in good standing as evidenced from inquiries to former employers; who has practiced deception in his/her application; whose background check findings are inconsistent with the security sensitive job requirements; or for such other causes and reasons deemed sufficient by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

10. Agency Fees: The University does not pay employment agency fees.

11. Contracts: No contracts for employment, whether oral or written, are authorized nor will such contracts be binding upon the University unless prior written approval is given by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

12. Special Criteria for Employment: Because of the special nature of certain positions within the institution, additional requirements are necessary for those newly hired in or appointed to them. Those special employment requirements are as follows:

12.1 Security Sensitive: As provided in Section 51.215 of the Texas Education Code, criminal history record information pertaining to an applicant may be obtained by the University and used in evaluating applicants for employment in security sensitive positions. See Policy 3.8

12.2 Nursing License: All employees filling positions requiring a valid nursing license (LVN or R.N.) issued from the State of Texas will be asked to provide their current nursing license. The head of the hiring department will verify with the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners the validity of the license and the absence of any restrictions or encumbrances.

12.3 Driver's License: Positions requiring employees to drive vehicles which are the property of the State of Texas will be required to provide a valid Driver's License to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations. A copy of this license will be maintained in the employee's file. See Policy 2.17 for more information on University vehicle operations.

13. Selective Service Registration: State law requires new hires to present proof of registration or exemption from registration with the selective service system.

Individuals who are exempt from registration include:

  • Females.
  • Lawfully admitted nonimmigrant aliens. 
  • Members of the armed forces on full-time active duty, including cadets and midshipmen at military academies.
    This requirement does not apply to a person employed by state agency before September 1, 1999, as long as the person’s employment by the agency is continuous. (415)
    The Office of the Attorney General issued an opinion that requires only those males who are between ages of 18 and 25 years, inclusive, to furnish proof of either selective service registration or exemption from selective service as a condition of state employment. (416)

14. Falsification of Information:

The information submitted by the applicant on the application and/or resume is used to make decisions regarding hiring. Therefore, the applicant must sign the application certifying that the statements made therein are true, complete, and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith.

False statements made on the application which were used by the hiring department in the decision making process will void the application and any actions based on it. If it is found that an employee falsified his/her application and the hiring decision was made based on the invalid representation, that employee is subject to termination.

15. Acceptance of Employment and Other University Applications:

When an applicant accepts employment with a unit of the University all previous or pending applications shall be rendered null and void.

16. Policies and Procedures for Academic Searches:

See this manual for additional information regarding policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to the hiring of faculty and academic staff, as well as for suggestions, guidelines, and helpful hints for the search process. A copy of this manual can be found on the Lamar University Academic Affairs web site or requested through the Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs.



415 Texas Government Code, §651.005

416 Opinion Texas Attorney General, No. JC-0183 (2000)