Section 4 - Employment Practices



Revised: 5/01/02; 1/01/07; 7/07/2020

1. Policy: It is the policy of Lamar University to conduct termination clearance procedures (exit interviews) with all regular faculty and staff members prior to their leaving University employment due to retirement, resignation, dismissal (discharge), layoff, or other types of termination. Disposition of all personnel and payroll records will not be finalized until the faculty or staff member complies with the provisions and procedures of this policy.

2. Faculty or Staff Member's Responsibility: Prior to leaving the University, it is the faculty or staff member's responsibility to do the following:

2.1 If resigning or retiring, submit a written resignation to the supervisor at least two (2) weeks, (two (2) months if retiring), prior to the effective date of termination, stating the reason(s) for the termination.

2.2 Return all tools, uniforms, equipment, manuals, and other University property in his/her possession to the supervisor.

2.3 Return all library materials to the Library and/or pay any outstanding library fines.

2.4 Return all audiovisual equipment to Audio Visual Department.

2.5 Settle all financial matters such as indebtedness to the University or return of travel credit cards with the Finance Department.

2.6 Return all office keys and parking access cards and settle any outstanding parking tickets with the Campus Police Department.

2.7 Visit Human Resources for an exit interview and to settle insurance and retirement matters.

3. Supervisor's Responsibility: Upon notification of an individual resigning or terminating employment, it is the supervisor's responsibility to do the following:

3.1 Determine the reason(s) for resignation or termination.

3.2 Collect all property issued to the employee such as tools, uniforms, equipment, credit cards, manuals, etc. All keys must be returned to Facilities Management.

3.3 Initiate the required F3.6 - Vacation Sick/Leave report and the Employee Exit checklist forms and instruct the employee on all exit requirements.

3.4 Notify the Computer Center and Data, Voice & Video Networking to deactivate all passwords of the employee and close the accounts. If the employee is retiring, that employee must make arrangements with the Computer Center to continue any internet access.

3.5 If necessary, see that locks are changed.

3.6 Forward immediately to Human Resources a Personnel Action Form (F3.2) to remove the employee from payroll and to notify Human Resources of the employee's termination.

4. Human Resources Responsibility: Human Resources is responsible for conducting a final exit interview with the terminating faculty or staff member to do the following:

4.1 Further determine why the employee is leaving the University and to uncover sources of job dissatisfaction, if any.

4.2 Insure completion of institutional exit procedures, collecting items not already returned to the Department.

4.3 Inform the employee of insurance benefit continuation or conversion and retirement plan refunds.

4.4 Insure that the employee's supervisor completes and returns to Human Resources all necessary forms.

4.5 Notify Payroll to release the employee's final paycheck after clearance is obtained from the offices/departments named in Section 2 of this policy.

5. Job Abandonment: An employee is deemed to have abandoned his/her job when for a period of three consecutive work days the employee has been absent without the permission of his or her supervisor. This employee is subject to termination. The following procedure should be implemented.

5.1 Documentation should be provided to the Director of Human Resources to:
5.1.1 Reflect the length of unapproved leave, and

5.1.2 Efforts to contact the employee.

5.2 Send a certified letter to the employee notifying him/her of the termination and referring him/her to Human Resources.

5.3 Deactivate all passwords, Information Systems accounts, credit cards, and telephone accounts.

5.4 Prepare an F3.2 terminating the employee. The date of termination shall be the first day after the close of the third day of unauthorized absence.