Section 4 - Employment Practices


SCOPE: STAFF Issued: 4/1/00

Revised: 05/01/02

1. Policy: It shall be the policy of Lamar University to provide an orientation period for the development of all new staff employees.

1.1. All newly appointed, non-faculty employees of Lamar University shall be subject to an orientation period of six (6) continuous months beginning on their initial date of employment with the University.
1.1.1 This period shall be used for observation of a new employee's work performance by his/her supervisor and to permit the employee to adjust to the job and working conditions. Throughout this period, the immediate supervisor shall provide any assistance considered necessary to improve performance or facilitate adjustments.

1.1.2 During this orientation period, management is free to discipline, lay off, or terminate the employment of any such employee who is judged not to be competent or otherwise qualified to continue employment without said employee being subject to the Grievance Procedure or the Discipline and Discharge Policy.

1.1.3 If an employee is to be released during the orientation period, the supervisor must present to the Director of Human Resources documentation of coaching and counseling.

1.1.4 Orientation employees may not apply for other vacant positions within the University without the written consent of their supervisor. This consent must be presented with the application to the Office of Human Resources.

2. Upon completion of the orientation period, an employee shall acquire status and all the conditions and privileges of a regular employee. Nothing in the conversion to regular status shall be interpreted as guaranteeing continued employment or an abrogation of the University’s at will policy.

3. Should there be a break in service the rehired employee will serve a six-month orientation period as defined above. However, the employee will be eligible to take vacation