Section 4 - Employment Practices



1. Beginning Date: The effective beginning date for the appointment of new personnel normally will be the first day of work, but under the following conditions, the beginning date may be a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

1.1 Assignment is to effect continuous employment within the University or as a direct transfer from another State agency to preserve employee benefits which otherwise might be adversely affected by a break in service.

1.2 Assignment is to a position which requires the new employee to begin work on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

1.3 Assignment is to a monthly salaried position which is not effective the first calendar day of a month; however such an assignment requires performance by the employee of all customary duties of the position for all of the official working days of the month in which the employment begins.

2. Ending Date: Assignments normally will carry an ending date effective on or before August 31 of the fiscal year in which the assignment was made. Assignments made from grants or contracts must be terminated in accordance with the terms of the grant. The following special provisions apply.

2.1 The ending date of assignment or the date on which an assignment is terminated may include a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday which immediately follows the last day of work except when Saturday, Sunday, or the holiday is the first day of a new calendar month.

2.2 The ending date of an assignment may include, as an exception, vacation leave entitlement in lieu of a lump sum payment only if agreeable to the employing department and the Director of Human Resources; this is called terminal vacation.

2.3 When the resignation date has been determined in accordance with preceding paragraph 2.1, the additional days provided may not be included unless the employee has performed all of the customary duties of the position for all of the official working days, except those used for vacation, in the month during which the employment is to end.

3. Unbroken Service: The following conditions will not constitute a break in an employee's continuity of employment.

3.1 Termination followed by immediate reappointment without lost of payroll time.

3.2 Termination to enter military service followed by reappointment within ninety (90) days after honorable discharge or release from military service.

3.3 Transfer of the employee without loss of payroll time from another State agency.

3.4 Being placed in a leave without pay status.

4. Broken Service:

4.1 Termination followed by a loss of payroll time before reappointment.

4.2 Termination to enter military services and failure to request reappointment within ninety (90) days of honorable discharge or release from military service.

4.3 Failure to be reappointed in succeeding years.

4.4 Transfer of the employee to other State-supported colleges or universities or other State departments or agencies where there is a loss of payroll time between the employee's resignation and reappointment.

5. Definitions of Payroll Time: Any month in which the employee is not separated from service with the University.