Section 4 - Employment Practices

Policy Number: 4.13 - RECRUITMENT PLAN


Policy: Lamar University undertakes a program of affirmative action to which good faith efforts will be directed for achievement of the following:

1. Determination of the extent to which minorities, women and others are under utilized in all job categories.

The Office of Human Resources will prepare a report to the President which will present the diversity of the University workforce and identify areas of under utilization.

2. Identification and elimination of any employment practices which impact has been adverse on minorities, women and others protected by applicable law and which relationship to job performance has not been clearly established. If such employment practices are identified, they will be replaced by others which are based on merit and valid job qualifications.

The Office of Human Resources will provide hiring departments with informational packets with each set of applications. Included in this informational packet will be an Interview Guide, the Staff Hiring Process, and directions for developing the screening matrix.

When a faculty requisition (F 3.1) is completed, the Search Committee Chairperson will be provided a copy of the Search Committee Manual. The Senior Human Resources Assistant or the Human Resource Manager will meet with the Search Committee upon request and work with the committee members.

3. Development, through special recruitment efforts and other measures, of applicant pools that reflect the diversity of the population of the State of Texas.

All vacancies will be announced by the Office of Human Resources. The vacancies will be publicized in the EMPLOYMENT BULLETIN, on the Human Resources Hot Line, on the University television announcement board, on the Human Resources and Lamar University web sites, and throughout the University. When requested the vacancies will be advertised in other media. The EMPLOYMENT BULLETIN is distributed to the Texas Workforce Commission and through a number of minority organizations which have approved the sending of the announcements.

Faculty, professional, and administrative positions will be advertised on the web site, by the Office of Human Resources The search committees may announce the vacancy in professional journals and web sites.

The Search Committee manual contains several lists of minority organizations to be used in their recruitment efforts.

4. The applicant pools of all positions will be reviewed to determine the diversity of the pools.

The Associate Vice President for Human Resources reviews the applicant pool of all staff positions and the qualifications of minority and female candidates prior to approving the hiring of the recommended candidate. The academic deans’ are responsible for reviewing the applicant pool for faculty positions prior to recommending the selected candidate to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.