M.S. Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a program of study leading to a Master of Science degree in Chemistry. To be admitted to this program you must meet the general admissions requirements of the College of Graduate Studies as well as the requirements of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. For information about these requirements and our program contact Dr. T. Thuy Minh Nguyen, Graduate Advisor.

An M.S. degree in chemistry is often used as a stepping stone toward achieving higher career goals.

Two degree options are offered: Thesis and non-thesis.
In the more versatile thesis option (lasting about 24 months) you explore laboratory and instrumentation-based research. You will gain the confidence to perform laboratory work and likely present your results at National/International conferences. With a thesis based Master's degree, you will position yourself to further your career in research and development and/or advance you career as a chemist in industry.

In the non-thesis option (also lasting about 24 months), you develop course work knowledge required for non-laboratory careers such as patent officer, high school teacher or even computer database officer.

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Master of Science Chemistry – Thesis

Master of Science Chemistry – Non-thesis Option