Campus Housing and Residence Life

Hello Future Cardinals! 

We’re so excited that you are considering Lamar University as the next step in your college education and look forward to meeting you. Residence Life has so much to offer its student residents, and we hope that you will be a part of our growing college campus community! 

In our five on-campus residence halls, you’ll enjoy apartment-style housing in a fully furnished unit with everything you need for on-campus living:

  • your own private bedroom
  • mini-refrigerator
  • microwave
  • computer desk
  • cable TV ready rooms
  • wireless internet
  • and more!

Our residence halls offers two-bedroom, one-bathroom units, providing each student with their own private, locked bedroom as well as a wide range of services, programs and community amenities.

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On-Campus Housing for Freshmen

All undergraduate, full-time college students (those enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours) with fewer than 24 earned semester credit hours, are required to reside in our on-campus apartment-style housing. Official documentation verifying exemptions to this policy may be required by the Department of Residence Life. All students requesting to live off campus will need to complete the Off-Campus Residency Request

Exemptions may be granted for students who:

    1. Reside with a parent, guardian, or other adult relative;
    2. Are 21 years of age by the first class day;
    3. Enroll only in evening classes;
    4. Are married or have dependent children;
    5. Have medical exemption signed by a doctor; or
    6. Have earned 24 or more credit hours.

For more information on starting your Housing process, visit the Housing and Residence Life website.