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Travis Prokop's top three keys to networking

Be approachable and treat everyone with respect and interest. Everyone knows everyone in this industry. You never know what connection could help you get a job. Understand dance history and key people in the industry to show that you are informed about your career. People talk, so ask yourself the question, “What do I want people to say about me?” Read More

Five underrated character actors and FOJ (Friends of Joel)

It’s difficult to define the term "character actor." Even those of us who have played leading roles spend the majority of our time playing "character roles," especially in film and tv. These roles often give an actor one to two scenes in an episode or film, and is in particular the kind of work that actors who don’t live in Los Angeles or New York book when series are filming on location. Read More

Travis' List: Top three things I have learned from being a professional dancer

  1. Choose your teachers wisely.

    If you want to find work, seek out classes that are beneficial for you. Finding working choreographers, who are teaching open classes and taking them, helps your chances of finding dance work. Staying connected with your dance training obviously will increase your technique. Now think about your career. Take classes from multiple teachers to become a part of multiple artists “mental catalog.” When choreographers seek out dancers to hire, they pull from their own classes first. Read more

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