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Top five superstitions in the theatre
By Liz Freese

It makes sense that the world of theatre is steeped in odd traditions and superstitions. You cram a bunch of creative artists together in one location for weeks or months and something weird (besides the theatre production) is bound to come out of it. Here are my top five superstitions of the theatre. Read more

Top three flash acts - all in the family
By Lou Arrington

There were some spectacular tap dance acts in the 1930's and 1940's movie musicals that audiences of today may not be familiar with. I'd like to share some of my favorite brother groups from those days that were known as flash acts. Flash acts were just that: flashy acts with acrobatics and other exciting applause drawing moves. Read more

Top five non-theatre jobs for theatrical technicians and designers
By Liz Freese

Each spring I get stressed college seniors, as well as stressed parents of perspective freshmen in my office asking about job prospects for someone majoring in technical theatre. The good news is that there are many transferable skills learned with a technical theatre degree that can keep you employed even when you are not opening a new theatre production every month. Here are my top five non-theatrical industries where you can be paid to use your creative technical theatre skills: Read more

Top five things I look for in a dancer during an audition
By Golden Wright

An audition is one of the most uncomfortable situations for a dancer. Auditions are a necessity for most dance jobs. Most auditions are held in a foreign space, away from the dancer’s support system (friends, family and teachers), and the movement that is new to the dancer’s body. Here are a few things that may help you in your next audition. These are a few things I look for in a dancer during an audition. Read More

Top three tips for costume design collaboration
By Cherie Acosta

Have you ever had a vision for a new work or an idea for collaboration? Here are three tips as you find opportunities in Theatre and Dance to expand your work. Read More

Golden Wright's top five favorite dance movies

These are not all of my favorite movies. I did not include any musicals, or some of those would have been in this list. All of these movies have wonderful dancing, an intriguing plot and something special. I hope you enjoy. Read More

Top three skills needed for costume design: A reflection on Ruth Carter's work in Black Panther
By Cherie Acosta

Ruth Carter’s work in Black Panther highlights the top three skills needed in order to work in the field of Costume Design. Watch as Oscar winner Ruth Carter explains both the role of the designer, her work in Black Panther and her approach to design. Her amazing work gives us a glimpse into the intricacy and detail so pivotal to creating costumes for film. Read More

Golden Wright's seven tips that will make you a better dance partner

1. Safety First
Do a thorough warm up. Start small. Mark through the dance with your partner and without lifts. Always use spotters. Dancers can get hurt on the easiest of lifts. Practice the lifts before you begin a run. Speak up if you feel uncomfortable or feel unsafe. Read More

Top five picks for incredible costume design by Cherie Acosta

Take a trip back in time with me as I walk you through my favorite designs for movies and why. Read More

Travis Prokop's top three keys to networking

Be approachable and treat everyone with respect and interest. Everyone knows everyone in this industry. You never know what connection could help you get a job. Understand dance history and key people in the industry to show that you are informed about your career. People talk, so ask yourself the question, “What do I want people to say about me?” Read More

Five underrated character actors and FOJ (Friends of Joel)

It’s difficult to define the term "character actor." Even those of us who have played leading roles spend the majority of our time playing "character roles," especially in film and tv. These roles often give an actor one to two scenes in an episode or film, and is in particular the kind of work that actors who don’t live in Los Angeles or New York book when series are filming on location. Read More

Travis' List: Top three things I have learned from being a professional dancer

  1. Choose your teachers wisely.

    If you want to find work, seek out classes that are beneficial for you. Finding working choreographers, who are teaching open classes and taking them, helps your chances of finding dance work. Staying connected with your dance training obviously will increase your technique. Now think about your career. Take classes from multiple teachers to become a part of multiple artists “mental catalog.” When choreographers seek out dancers to hire, they pull from their own classes first. Read more

Joel's List: Top five NoHo Hank clips to watch on YouTube

Travis' List: Branding yourself

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