About the Department

Joel Grothe - Dept. ChairWelcome to the Department of Theatre and Dance at Lamar University.                    

We have a dynamic department, and one that is friendly and supportive. I am sure you would feel inspired, challenged and encouraged should you decide to study theatre and dance at Lamar.

The university is located in Beaumont, Texas, approximately 90 miles from Houston, and affords numerous opportunities for a wide range of artistic and educational experiences.

Degrees Available

Our department offers a Bachelor of Science in theatre and dance in which students can select an emphasis in acting, dance or tech/design. Full admission to the university is necessary prior to being admitted as a theatre and dance major.

Visit our how to apply page for more information regarding admission to the university.

After Graduation

We provide a well-balanced curriculum for students that prepares them for:

  • Professional careers
  • Attend graduate school
  • Enter a teaching profession

Lamar stages serve as laboratories for training, and students can participate in all phases of our production program, including a wide range of theatrical works and dance concerts.

Lamar maintains a chapter of the national honorary theatrical fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega.


We also offer several scholarships and assistantships to aid students in pursuing their degree.

If I can be of further assistance to you, you can reach me at (409) 880-8037. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your success at Lamar.

Best wishes!

Joel Grothe
Department Chair
Lamar University
Email: joel.grothe@lamar.edu

Contact Us

Lamar University
P.O. Box 10110
Beaumont, TX 77710

(409) 880-8037

Box Office:
(409) 880-2250

Faculty and Staff Directory

Mission Statement

We train students in a range of areas of skills essential to the art of theatre and dance through instruction from working professionals. We develop collaborators by helping build the personal artistic voice in performance, production, and pedagogy. Our graduates are creative problem solvers and passionate members of any profession they pursue. We deliver excellence on the stage and in the classroom. We value perspectives of multiple cultures and backgrounds in our work.

What We Offer

We offer you, the student, a Bachelor of Science in theatre and dance. Here you select a concentration in acting, dance or tech/design but receive a diverse range of training options in all areas. While we train in various techniques from the past, together we strive to create dynamic performances that challenge and engage artists and audiences of today.

Our Passion

We are passionate about lifelong learning, building skills of the craft, and creating a supportive yet rigorous atmosphere with you and those around us. We are dedicated to extending our collective passion to the university community and beyond as educators, graduates and professionals.