dance unleashed auditions


Congratulations to the following cast members for our spring theatre productions:

The Birds:

Nat - Chris Shroff

Diane - Caitlin Grammer

JULIA - Emily Buesing

Tierney - Aaron McClendon

Understudy - Kalan Bonnette


 Comedy of Errors:

Merchant of Syracuse/Pinch - Henry Phillips   

Duke/Officer - Austin Jones

Angel0 - Dustin Smith

Balthasar - Josh Pendino

Antipholis of Ephesus - Ed Seymour

Dromio of Ephesus - Jake Branham

Antipholis of Syracuse/Messenger - Nathan Crump

Dromio of Syracuse - Matt Hurt

Adriana - Brianna Butler

Luciana - Jessica Hayes

Luce/Officer/Courtesan - Ashley Galan

Jailor/Abbess - Hannah Johnson


Dance Auditions for Spring Performance
January 29
2:20-5:00 p.m.
HHP Dance Annex

Spring Performance:
Dance Unleashed
March 21-24