• The Birds 2019

    The Birds by Conor McPherson, directed by Joel Grothe. Chris Shroff, Caitlin Grammer and Emily Buesing. Photo by Lynn Lane.

  • The Vertical Hour

    The Vertical Hour by David Hare, directed by Joel Grothe. Ciara Jackson and Guest Artist Richard Warner. Photo by Lynn Lane.

  • Fall Dance Concert

    Photo by Lynn Lane Photography.

  • The Dumb Waiter

    The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, directed by Joel Grothe. Sydney Haygood and Austin Jones. Photo by Lynn Lane.

  • Spring Dance Concert

    Photo by Lynn Lane Photography.


Student Spotlight: Chris Shroff and Austin Jones

january spotlight

Lamar Theatre Students to appear in The Pearl Fishers at Houston Grand Opera

Chris Shroff and Austin Jones, both Junior Acting Majors at Lamar, will be taking their performance experience to a new level this winter, as they both will be appearing as actors in Houston Grand Opera’s (HGO) production of The Pearl Fishers, from January 27 to February 8 at the Wortham Theater in Houston.

“HGO is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for, period,” explains Joel Grothe, associate professor of theatre. “They are extremely well run; they operate on a level that few theatre or opera companies do. This is why they are routinely ranked as one of the best opera companies in the world and often ahead of the Met in New York City."

Lamar University’s Department of Theatre & Dance has an ongoing relationship with HGO that started in 2015 when Grothe performed in Die Walkure at HGO in a co-production with La Fura Dels Baus from Spain.

“I performed at HGO three consecutive seasons in The Ring Cycle and then toured with the production to Taiwan in Fall of 2017,” says Grothe.

Over that time, Grothe built a working relationship with (former HGO Company Manager) Lisa Oswald and (Current Company Manager) Carolyne Hall.

“This was a project Lisa and I started several years ago. She’s been to the Lamar Campus to teach an auditioning class and do auditions for HGO productions. This is the first time – with the help of Carolyne – that we’ve actually been able to get our students in a production there,” expressed Grothe.

Grothe explains that Shroff and Jones will be playing what are called “supernumeraries” and that even though this is an opera company, there is no singing or speaking.

“No- even my work at HGO is generally non speaking and definitely non-singing! They hire actors for a variety of roles. In this case our students are basically playing extras. This is similar to what most actors’ first jobs are; being a “spear carrier” at a large theatre festival. It is an incredible learning experience that we can only come so close to simulating on campus. The production values, the skill level of the people they are supporting in the production; it’s like nothing our students have usually experienced before,” said Grothe. "When you combined experiences like these with the tremendous guest artists we bring on to our campus like Jim Gleason and Phillip and Kim Lehl (of 4th Wall Theatre Co.), I think we are doing as well as any program preparing our students to be successful in the professional world.”

The Pearl Fishers runs January 27- February 8 at the Wortham Theatre Center in Houston. In addition to this, Chris Shroff can be seen in The Birds Feb 7-10 in Lamar’s Studio Theatre, and Austin Jones will be appearing in The Comedy of Errors, March 21-24 in Lamar’s University Theatre.


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