• Dance Unleashed 2019

    Fragmented by Golden Wright. Photo by Lynn Lane Photography. Performers: Hunter Blanchard and Krysta Quimbao represented LU at the American College Dance Association South-Central Conference in 2019 and selected for the Gala performance.

  • Luna Gale

    Photo by Lynn Lane Photography. Guest Director Carolyn Johnson. Costume Design by Cherie Acosta. Set Design by Liz Freese. Lighting Design by Brian Steele. Performers: Taylor Bell and Austin Jones.

  • Permanent Collection

    Photo by Lynn Lane Photography. Student Director Caitlin Grammer. Costume Designer Cherie Acosta. Set design by Liz Freese, Lighting design by Brian Steele. Performers: Taylor Bell and Austin Jones.

  • Fall and Recovery 2019

    Rate of Change by Travis Prokop. Photo by Lynn Lane Photography. Performers: Jenny Keim, Sarah Vickery, Nicole Lavergne and Amethyst Smith. Costumes by Cherie Acosta. Lighting design by Brian Steele. Rate of Change has been selected to represent LU at the 2020 American College Dance Association Regional Conference.

Alumni Spotlight:Allison Underhill

Allison Underhill
Allison Underhill, currently teaching theatre at Bellaire High School in Houston, TX, graduated with a B.S. in Theatre and a Texas Teaching Certificate in 2013. Though Allison didn’t start her academic career as a theatre major, her heart pulled on her and she made the switch in her third year. She describes her last three years at Lamar as incredible, filled with theatre and pedagogy classes by wonderful mentors and teachers. Her time with LUTD allowed her to venture out and try everything including stage management, directing, design and even the lead in a musical. The experience allowed her exposure to every area of the craft she loves so much and helped her to focus in on technical theatre and teaching. Read more




 The Curious Incident of the Dog


Your Future

Friendly and supportive, the Department of Theatre & Dance at LU is dynamic, engaging and constantly evolving. We strive to continuously inspire our students and our faculty through a diverse set of curricula, activities, shows and productions.

A bachelor's degree in theatre & dance from Lamar University will provide you with a solid foundation for your career in the industry of your choice. 

Career Opportunities

Actor • Arts Administrator • Make-Up of Special Effects Artist
Costume Designer • Media Producer • Sound Technician
Dance Instructor • Theatre Director • Choreographer
Playwright • Dance
2018 fall dance concert