Theatre Minor

Silent Sky photo by Lynn Lane


Lamar University's theatre minor requires 18 credit hours. The minor is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at LU. Student must complete the appropriate amount of Upper Level classes.

Lower Level

THEA 1330 (Stagecraft) 3
THEA 1351(Acting I) 3
THEA 2375 (stage makeup) 3
THEA 2110 (production- 2 semesters) 2

Upper Level

THEA 3330 (Stage lighting) 3
THEA 3380 (Directing I) 3
THEA 3361(Theatre History) 3
THEA elective 3
THEA 4210 (upper level production- 1 semesters) 2

*Theory courses are on a two year rotational basis - it is the minor's responsibility to get advised by the Department of Theatre & Dance.