Eric Hauser


  • Ph.D. in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Public Address, Wayne State University
  • M.A. in Communication, Emerson College
  • B.S. in Technical Communication, Clarkson University

I have tried to span from the most practical to the very theoretical elements of communication. My dissertation looked at how the Deaf community used the Internet to overcome geographical limitations on community. I have studied early Deaf public address, Anti-suffrage rhetoric, Ally McBeal and the Guerilla Girls, a counter-protest movement in the art world.

I enjoy studying co-cultures, social movements and popular culture. I enjoy doing graphic design and digital art as well. I have taught many of the basic communication classes that you have probably taken—public speaking, interpersonal communication, group communication, introduction to mass communication and introduction to human communication. When pushed, I have taught introduction to theatre and acting.

On the upper levels, I have taught graphic design and production, visual communication, public relations, political communication, and special events promotion and planning. I have waited tables, been a bookstore clerk, worked as a secretary and voiced a puppet that insulted people as they walked by in an amusement park. I have been a host in a country club and a cook in a fake Mexican cantina. I have taught college, played cello in just about every denomination there is and prepped returned cable boxes. My current full-time job is titled as “Customer Service/Logistics Coordinator,” but really is a mix of sales, shipping, receiving, logistics and sourcing within an industrial engine supply context.

As for my personal interests, I have more interests than I have available time. I have been a cellist for more than 37 years now—and professionally on and off for years. I do a great deal of digital artwork. I read a great deal, mostly science fiction and fantasy. I love sci-fi television shows and movies. I watch competition shows like Worst Cooks in America, Great American Baking Show – frankly, I love reality TV – and I’m a news junkie. I live with a kitty—her name is Aria. I hope this gives you a glimpse into who I am and who will be teaching you this term.