LUTV Channel 7

Airing on Time Warner Digital Cable channel 7, LUTV is the official channel of Lamar University and is owned and operated by the Department of Communication. Ch. 7 airs a wide array of programming such as student/faculty films and artworks, promotional videos, distinguished lectures and events, sports games, talk shows, student produced newscasts, public domain films, and documentaries.

Ch. 7 allows students to see their work exhibited over the airwaves and learn the importance of broadcast quality standards.  In addition, students are able to take a more active role in the management of Ch. 7 by shooting events, archiving videos, and producing new and original content through our various internships and as a part of the L-SPAN program, a series designed to document various Lamar events such as the Annual Distinguished Lecture, Alumni Dinner Ceremony, prominent guest lectures, and the Cardinal Conversations, a special series created by First Lady of Lamar Nancy Evans and filmed at the President's House.

Recently Ch. 7 has received a generous boost from the City of Beaumont and the Federal Communications Commission which has allowed for the purchase of several new items including cameras, microphones, lights and complicated camera rigs to enhance the quality of our productions and the student's abilities to learn and train on state of the art equipment. Through this upgrade Ch. 7 will see a wealth of new content and opportunity by improving our capabilities and enabling our station to grow.