Summer Film Project

The purpose of the Summer Film Project is to nurture the creative talent and professionalism of film-interested students and to provide them with the opportunity to work on a real-life, student-driven feature production. 
Started in 2017, the Summer Film Project is a three-semester project engaging film students and faculty. In the spring, a student script is submitted, and the key members of the film (producer, director, set design, screenwriter, and cinematographer) select the film and work on the pre-production. Each summer, film students in the Department of Communication and Media have the ability to film a student script in and around the city of Beaumont, Texas. The following fall, a select group of students completes the editing of the film as work on the premiere, distribution, and awards submissions.
For more information about the Summer Film Project, contact Mr. Jeremy Hawa at or call 409-880-8153.