Cardinal Communities

Cardinal Communities

The COMMon Connections Cardinal Community is for Freshman or first semester Communication majors (transfer students welcome).  Students reflect all of the emphases in the Communication Department – Advertising, Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Broadcasting, Filmmaking, and Film/Theatre.  Students are mentored by a department instructor and a peer mentor who is also a Communication major. We work to get to know each student and their unique needs. We also provide students with knowledge and support to help them navigate the transition to University life. Sometimes we just kick back and play games and laugh together – a worthwhile break from the stress of school!

The Communication Skill Builder Cardinal Community is for Communication majors who are Sophomores and Juniors (transfer students welcome). This CC is designed to help students build relationships with other students and professors in the Communication Department, as well as learn information and skills that will help you succeed in your classes. Students will learn about portfolio building, resume development, build on your classroom education, polish yourself for the work world and hone skills in video, social media and professional self-presentation. All of which will help you get a job now and after graduation.

#IAMFIRSTGEN is for first-generation college students. First-gens are a diverse group of students spanning racial and national identities, income levels, genders, class, sexual orientation and religious boundaries. The goal with this community is to help first-gen students assess their talents and weaknesses, to create mentors and friendships and to help first-gen students deal with the emotional, psychological and financial struggles of college. This Cardinal Community is for students whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree, students who are trying to navigate a large place like Lamar, students who don't have a college-bound tradition in their families or communities and students with limited home support for their college career. #IAMFIRSTGEN meets on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. 

LGBTQ -  The main goal of this Cardinal Community is for participants to be both self-aware of their own identity-construction and to become active allies/advocates for the LGBTQ community on campus and in the broader community. You will explore the social constructions of gender and sexuality from a critical perspective. The exploration will include self-introspection and group discussion as well as hearing from guest speakers (e.g. a representative from Legacy Health, HRC, PFLAG, etc.). An examination of media representations (examples provided by the community participants) would also occur.


For more information about any of the Cardinal Community groups, please email or call 409-880-8153. 

For more information on all of the LU Cardinal Communities, please visit their site or contact Celine Hodge at or by phone at 409-880-8115.