Minor in Communication

The minor in communication is offered to non-majors for inclusion in degree programs outside of the Department of Communication & Media. The minor is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at LU.

A total of 18 hours of communication courses are required for a minor, of which nine hours must be upper level. The department will not accept any grade in the minor below a "C."

Required Courses

A. COMM 1307 (Introduction to Mass Communication) or COMM 1311 (Communication Studies)

B. COMM 1318 (Interpersonal Communication) or COMM 1373 (Media Writing)

C. 12 other hours selected by the student with the approval of Communication & Media Department advisor; nine of which are upper level. The chosen courses should reflect enhancement of the student’s career plans or other life goals. It is the minor's responsibility to check with the Department of Communication & Media to know the rotational schedule for all courses. These 12 hours can come from the following emphasis areas:

      • Advertising
      • Broadcasting
      • Corporate Communication
      • Film
      • Journalism

If you are interested in the minor, email communication@lamar.edu