The Center for Advances in Water and Air Quality (CAWAQ) promotes understanding of critical environmental issues and develops solutions for mitigating challenges in water and air quality faced by industries and global community through research, educational programs, and community outreach.



CAWAQ advances research in the following areas:




Community Outreach


Community Outreach


Contact the Center for approaches to pursue joint project opportunities.

The Center for Advances in Water and Air Quality seeks opportunities in developing joint projects with industrial partners to address energy efficiency, water use and sustainability issues. The Center’s goal is to serve as the technical think tank for industries to solve critical problems in their business operation.

The collaborative projects can be accomplished though research grants from state and federal funding agencies, as well as through special research contracts between industries and Lamar University.

National Science Foundation’s Industrial Innovation and Partnerships Division administers multiple grant programs that support innovative research, technology transfer and Industry & University Cooperative Research.

The state and federal small business innovative research (SBIR) programs also provide financial resources for research projects that address industrial needs in technological development. Short-term projects that develop solutions for immediate issues can be arranged through research contracts funded by the industries in need.