Office of Outreach and Student Services

Our Purpose

We serve engineering students and the community by providing essential resources, community outreach, enrichment and development opportunities to help them from application to graduating and beyond, by doing this we help the College of Engineering establish and maintain a positive image and reputation through the development of scholarship, alumni and industry support.

High School Recruitment of undergraduate students through visits to high school events, junior college transfer fairs, on-campus visitation days and other venues that provide contact with prospective students

Scholarship coordination for the College of Engineering, Departments and University

Degree Forecasting and counseling, assisting entering freshman, current students and transfer students with course description, availability and providing information to prospective students and their parents

Cooperative Education and Full-time employment assistance through our Hireacardinal system and career fairs



Office of Outreach and Student Services General Info

(409) 880-7871
P.O. Box 10057
Beaumont, Texas 77710
Cherry Building, Room 2612