MS Environmental Engineering

Fall 2019

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Environmental Engineering

Degree Requirements

1. All College of Graduate Studies general degree requirements

2. A minimum of 9 semester hours of core courses (ENGR 5331, ENGR 5332 and ENGR 5333 or those approved by Senior Academic Advisor of Engineering Graduate Programs)

3. A minimum of 15 semester hours (five courses) of electives from the following:

CVEN 5325 - Fundamentals of Air Pollution

CVEN 5329 - Water Supply and Treatment

CVEN 5331 - Biological Wastewater Treatment

CVEN 5338 - Solid Waste Management

CVEN 5388 - Chemical Principles in Environmental Engineering

CVEN 5351 - Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering

CVEN 6339 - Hazardous Waste Management

CVEN 6387 - Hydraulics of Environmental Systems

Other courses approved by department graduate advisor may satisfy part of this requirement

4. Satisfactory completion and defense of a Master's thesis (a minimum of 6 semester hours of ENGR 5390 and ENGR 5391)*

*With the approval of the student's graduate committee, the thesis can be replaced by 12 semester hours of electives and satisfactory completion of a final comprehensive exam.


30 Thesis, 36 Non-Thesis