Chemical Engineering is a discipline that combines chemistry, physics and engineering to solve problems involving the use or production of chemicals to develop new materials and processes and to increase efficiency and lower cost.

Chemical engineers design processes and equipment for large-scale manufacturing, plan and test production methods and byproducts treatment, and direct facility operations.

Why Choose Engineering at Lamar University?

  • At Lamar University, our professors are dedicated to student success. With smaller class sizes, professors are able to engage students on a more personal basis.
  • The College of Engineering has many scholarship opportunities for students. Without financial burden, students can enjoy their time at Lamar University and partake in student organizations and research.
  • The College of Engineering is home to nearly two dozen student organizations, professional and honors societies with a Student Engineering Council acting as the governing body.
  • Our biannual career fair brings local industry and students together for co-op and career opportunities. Around 1-in-4 students participate in at least one co-op during their undergraduate studies.

Take the First Step!

The first step toward your future in chemical and biomolecular engineering begins right now with a connection to Karli Padia, the College of Engineering's director of outreach and student services, who can help you learn more about great college programs, arrange a campus visit, talk to a current student, explore scholarship possibilities and more.

Email or call 409-880-8714.


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