Industrial and Systems Engineering

New LU Makerspace (Spring 2020)

Department Spotlight

Dr. Marquez and Dr. Zaloom were invited to the kickoff of a $13.6 million RAISE grant for the Port of Port Arthur from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Dr. Marquez and Dr. Zaloom worked on the economic analysis for the project. A great example of LUCOE faculty working on industry relevant projects and improving the local community. The picture is of Dr. Marquez, Dr. Zaloom and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg at the kickoff event. (2/10/2023)
Dr. Zaloom and Dr. Marquez
Lamar Engineering ranks #3 nationwide for return on investment as ranked by  LU is consistently ranked high in this survey due to low cost and high career achievement of our graduates.  Read more in this press release (2/6/2023).  

November was a historic month for the IE department for research funding. In the past 5 weeks, 8 of 9 IE faculty members have received research funding including Dr. Craig, Dr. Curry, Dr. Zaloom, Dr. Marquez, Dr. Liu, Dr. Tokgoz, Dr. Hamidi and Dr. Bradley. (11/21/2022)

Dr. Craig and Dr. Curry received funding to conduct a safety culture assessment. (11/21/2022)

An Industrial Technology students intership experience was highlighted.  Read More.  (10/24/2022)

Dr. James Curry was named department chair for Industrial Engineering.  Dr. Zaloom returns to being a full Professor after many successful years in leadership roles.  Read More. (8/9/2022)

An Industrial Engineering student's internship experience at Disney and Lockheed Martin Space was highlighted by LU News.  Read More (7/19/2022).

Lamar University Industrial Engineering was ranked the #9 best school for Bachelor’s Students to Study Industrial Engineering in the Southwest Region by Lamar Engineering also was ranked 17 for Online Engineering. (6/23/2022)
IISE and art students went on a tour of a foundry.  Read more (5/31/2022).

Dr. Bradley completed a unique project on teaching plastics manufacturing to high school students. Read more (2/9/2022).

Lamar Engineering was ranked #10 for online undergraduate engineering programs by accreditedschoolsonline (1/6/2022). 

On Nov 4, 2022, Lamar University dedicated the new the Emerson Advanced Technology Center. The center has a wide range of control systems that allow students to lean process controls. Some of the equipment is used in our undergraduate INEN 4396 Automated Systems course. Read more.

Lamar Engineering ranks #3 in 2021 for return on investment as ranked by  LU is consistently ranked high in this survey due to low cost and high career achievement of our graduates (10/5/2021).  

The department welcomes Dr. Clott as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Christopher (Chris) Clott Ph.D. has worked in the Maritime logistics field for shipping companies and universities for 40 years. He will be teaching courses in the B.S. Industrial Technology program and graduate port management courses. (9/25/2021)
The department is currently seeking companies and organizations willing to host a senior design project. These are two-semester projects where a small team of Industrial Engineering seniors help solve a real-world problem. Please contact Dr. Bradley ( by Aug 23rd if you are interested.  (8/3/2021)

Dr. Hamidi received industry funding to predict compressor failures with sensor data.  For more information, please see LU press release (5/20/2021).
Congraduations to Dr. Don Phillps and Dr. Berna Eren Tokgoz on the publication of a book.  Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing by Don Phillps and Dr. Berna Eren Tokgoz, Publishing, ISBN-10: 1951985710, ISBN-13: 978-1951985714.

Dr. Bradley will be participating in the department of Energy Visiting Faculty Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory this summer. He will be working with Dr. Nickolay Lavrik, Staff Scientist at the ORNL Center for Nanophase Materials and Sciences, studying microscale and nanoscale fabrication using two-photon 3D stereolithography. (3/17/2021)  See LU press release for more details.
Congratulations to Dr. Maryam Hamidi on receiving funding to study rail yard scheduling.  For more about this exciting project, see the LU press release. (1/27/2021)
Three former graduate students from Dr. Liu’s research group won the best conference paper at 2020 Annual ATMAE-IAJC conference. Swagatika Patra , Raghabendra Rout, Xinyu Liu , Swapnil Patole. “Modification of Surface Topography in the application of Biofouling of Ship Hull using Picosecond Laser.” ATMAE-IAJC conference, 2020. (1/26/2021)

Congratulations to Dr. Maryam Hamidi on receiving funding to study deep Learning defect Prediction in  Compressors from the Lamar Center for Midstream Management and Science (11/20/2020).
Congratulations to Dr. Liu and Dr. Li on receiving funding to study Hybrid Model to detect Oil Leak in Pipeline from the Lamar Center for Midstream Management and Science (11/20/2020).

Starting in fall 2020, the College of Engineering is offering a graduate elective track that leads to a Certificate in Machine Learning (9/22/2020).
Starting in fall 2020, the College of Engineering is offering an elective track that leads to a Certificate in Industrial Automation and Robotics.  For more information contact Dr. Liu (8/16/2020).

Congratulations to Dr. Li and Dr. Tokgoz on their promotions to Associate Professor.  Congratulations to Dr. Liu on his promotion to full professor. (8/19/2020)

Senior design projects are a great opportunity for industry to partner with Lamar.  For more information about a senior design projects, see this recent Lamar news story about a joint IE/EE senior design project  on business process automation.  We are now accepting senior design project topics for the fall semester.  Please contact Robert K Bradley if you are interested in sponsoring a project (7/20/2020).

Congratulations to Pedro Alvarez and Renee Moore with faculty mentor Dr. Bradley on winning the IE department senior design contest. Their project produced dry EEG electrodes via injection molding and performed quality analysis on the parts. The project has been selected as finalists in the 2019-2020 IISE Outstanding Capstone Competition. They will now compete nationally against teams from 9 other universities. Congratulations to our senior students and faculty mentors for their performance in senior design. (5/8/2020).

ONLINEU ranks Lamar University’s Online Engineering Bachelor’s degrees #1 for affordable and best overall. Read more. (3/27/2020)

Dr. Maryam Hamidi and Dr. Brian Craig are working on a corporate sponsored yard rail optimization project.  Read more. (1/29/2020)

Dr. Craig and Dr. Curry are the Lamar participants on a multi-year grant project for The Gulf Research Program (GRP) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine titled "Developing an Integrated Offshore Energy Industry Safety Culture Evaluation, Benchmarking, and Improvement Toolbox" with Abs and the University of Houston. Read More. (1/22/2020)

Dr. Craig and Dr. Curry work with Abs and the American Club final report about maritime safety was released.  Read more. (1/22/2020).

 Learn more about about Dr. Bradley research in carbon nanotubes. (1/22/2020)

The B.S. IE degree was ranked #4 in the nation for online engineering education by (12/4/2020). 

Lamar is ranked one of the ten most affordable online engineering schools.

LU's Industrial Engineering program has been reaccredited by ABET

The department commends Dr. James Curry, who was named Director of Online Programs and Outreach for the College of Engineering.

Dr. Kelly Bradley and several other COE faculty members and staff just completed "Project Engineer" camp that gives high school students the opportunity to learn about engineering (7/31/2019). 

The department congratulates Dr. Kelley Bradley on his appointment to director of the makerspace in the new Science and Technology Building. 

The department congratulates Dr. Brian Craig on his appointment to dean of College of Engineering.

Congratulations 2019 Industrial Engineering graduates.

Students At Graduation

The department thanks the corporate projects sponsors, students and faculty mentors for making senior design a great experience. The department congratulates Ana Maria Moreno, Jason Higgins, Jesus Perez, Manuel Martinez, and Faculty Mentor Dr. Tokgoz for being named the best senior design project in the IE department. The team developed software to compute and record quality levels for a corporate sponsor. The department also congratulates Cristopher Villanueva (IE), his two electrical engineering teammates, Derek Cook andTy Tamplin, and faculty mentors Dr. Liu and Dr. Tokgoz for being named the best interdisciplinary project. The team designed and built a low cost Articulator Robot for under $2,000. Ideas from two other senior design projects are being implemented at their corporate sponsors (5/7/2019). 

Pictures from Senior Design 2019
Senior design Team 1 2019 Robot 2019 Senior design Senior design Team 2 2019

Lamar University Bachelor's degree in Engineering Ranked #1 for Best Value. 

Lamar University Engineering, specifically the online 2+2 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree option, was ranked #1 for best value by SR Education Group, an education research publisher founded in 2004. SR Education Group recently published their 2019 Best and Most Affordable Online Engineering rankings using a combination of annual tuition, accreditation, and PayScale mid-career salary data to determine the best online colleges across the nation. Lamar University’s relatively low tuition of $7,440/year and a high median mid-career salary of $111,100 led to their No. 1 ranking. ranks LU Engineering No. 5 for return on investment.

The department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar University offers an online 2+2 option for students to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering (B.S. IE). This online program option allows students to complete the final two years of an Industrial Engineering degree online with minimal travel from home. The online program option is designed for students who are unable to attend a traditional IE program due to geographic location or scheduling issues, and is equivalent to the traditional in-class degree option also offered by LU. Additionally, the program offers a lower cost approach to becoming an Industrial Engineer. Our on-campus students can also benefit from this online 2+2 online option by enrolling in the same online courses while they are co-oping, interning, or even working full time in industry. (1/3/2019)

Lamar will be hosting the 2019 IISE Student Regional Conference at Lamar University. The dates are February 28th – March 2nd, 2019.


Dr. Alberto Marquez will be recognized by Tecnologico de Monterrey with Professors That Leave Their Mark award. Over 16,400 alumni participated in the selection process. Dr. Marquez was nominated and selected for this recognition due to his tenure at Tecnologico de Monterrey from 2000 to 2006 at Mexico City Campus. Dr. Marquez, currently associate professor of Industrial Engineering, has been with Lamar University since 2007.  (October 2018)

Dr. Curry was awarded the Dr. Anita Riddle Excellence in Engineering Teaching Fellowship. (October 2018)

Twenty-six students are enrolled in senior design this year. The students are working on six industry sponsored projects and three research projects. Topics include designing assembly lines, 5S, quality control, capacity planning, low cost robot design, outreach at a non-profit, simulation modeling of retail markets, and design of outpatient medicine clinics. (September 2018)

Five of seven Master's program graduates in summer 2018 completed M.S. Thesis Projects. These projects provide graduate students the opportunity to research a specific topic and develop a focus area for entering the job market. We wish all of our graduates well. (August 2018)

LU Engineering ranked 20th for return on investment by Read more. (August 2018)