Program Overview

libartsbldg.jpgSociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice is a multidisciplinary department, consisting of four academic programs: sociology, anthropology, social work, and criminal justice. Each has its own unique mission and faculty. The common general mission of the four programs is to provide high-quality education, offering baccalaureate degrees in sociology, social work, and criminal justice, as well as a master’s degree in criminal justice, and a minor in anthropology.

There are several strengths of the department that are noteworthy.

  • The sociology program offers majors unique skills in research methods and data analysis that equip them to acquire data, test hypotheses, conduct analyses, evaluate information, and assess organizational or societal needs.
  • The criminal justice program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, positions in the criminal justice system, and law school.
  • The social work program offers experiential learning opportunities for students to practice communication skills, engagement, advocacy, and empowerment skills for effective work with others.  Social workers make a difference in the lives of lives of individuals, families, groups, and communities.  

Degrees Offered


Criminal Justice


The faculty in Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice have earned doctorates in a wide range of specializations within broad areas of their respective disciplines. The faculty’s expertise is augmented by involvement in scholarly research, publication, and grant writing.

Our faculty work closely with area social service agencies; faculty provide training to these agencies and social work students are placed through internships as a part of their degree. The social work program received a new accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education just last year. Overall, the 14 full-time faculty in the department are very productive in research and scholarship despite heavy teaching loads. Collectively, we have published 11 books and 109 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters in edited volumes.

harden90x94.jpegDr. Garrick Harden
Sociology Program Director
Associate Professor
Dr. Cheng-Hsien LinDr. Cheng-Hsien Lin
Criminal Justice Program Director
Associate Professor
Lori WrightLori Wright
Social Work Program Director  
Instructor of Social Work
Faculty Member NameDr. Ginger Gummelt
Department Chair
Social Work Assistant Professor 


Career Opportunities


  • Environmental Advocacy Groups
  • Human Rights Organizations
  • Politics
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Marketing & Media
  • Public Relations
  • Social Service

Social Work

  • Mental Health
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Substance Use
  • Child Welfare
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Military / Veterans

Criminal Justice

  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Law
  • Court Staff
  • Probation
  • Parole
  • Game Warden
  • Criminology