Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Degree Description

The Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at Lamar University is available to you as an online program and offers theoretical perspectives and practical applications of the B.S. degree. The program develops your advanced administrative skills to increase your effectiveness and professionalism as a criminal justice professional. This graduate degree particularly benefits those seeking advancement in their current agencies as well as those seeking employment in federal law enforcement agencies and federal courts. 

Why Study Criminal Justice at Lamar?

The Lamar University Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, available fully online, is designed to help you develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to become an effective practitioner or supervisor in the criminal justice system. You will receive advanced academic training, special expertise in advanced issues, supervisory and administrative proficiency and the methodological and statistical skills necessary to understand research and new developments within the criminal justice system. You'll graduate with applied knowledge that enables you to rise toward the highest levels in criminal justice organizations.


Career Paths

Specifically, positions for which this program will prepare you include police chief, sheriff or commanding officer of law enforcement agency, superintendent or commanding officer of corrections agency, FBI, ATF, and other federal law enforcement agent, Ph.D. student or researcher in criminal justice.

Primary Careers

Police Administrator, County or Federal Law Enforcement Leader, Commanding Officer

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