Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Degree Descriptions

The Lamar University Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice equips you for pre-law major or a career in one of the many fields related to justice such as special agents/federal investigations, emergency and social services, courts, policing, homeland security, counterterrorism, juvenile counseling, adult probation/parole and corporate security management. Courses in the program focus upon social problems such as crime, violence, drugs, gangs, terrorism, sexual assault, prisons and juvenile delinquency. The intriguing curriculum explores human behavior, social policies, forensics, counseling, trials, rehabilitation and research and management.

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, available as a residential or online program, is designed to merge academic knowledge with applied experience. The program offers courses encompassing a variety of components that prepare you for career entry, promotion, federal employment and/or graduate study. 

Why Study Criminal Justice at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice at Lamar University is useful for a wide range of careers, including advancement to law school or graduate school to study criminal justice, sociology, political science or social work.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Lamar University offers online and face-to-face course options to better fit your schedule. The department also helps you with the placement of internships in the area of your interest. This degree is an option for you if you are considering higher education in criminal justice. In addition to the high academic credentials of our faculty, many have worked as police officers or correctional staff and have years of practice in criminal law. Sharing classroom time with faculty can integrate the textbook material with professional practice and provide insight into the justice system.


Career Paths

The online B.S. Criminal Justice program is designed to help you complete your law enforcement degree quickly by offering accelerated courses and Police Training Academy credit (known as TCOLE Credit) as academic credit. As a graduate of this program, your future career paths include law enforcement administration, national security, forensics and law. Bachelor of arts graduates complete your program with a variety of options for professional development, advancement and continued study.


Primary Careers

Police Officer, Prison Guard, Court Officer

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