Master of Arts in History

Graduate Admission and Degree Requirements

History department Graduate Handbook

Graduate advisor: Dr. Jeff Forret

The history department requires that you have a minimum 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA on a 4.0 scale and achieve scores of at least 153 on the verbal portion (500 on the former scale) and at least a 3 on the analytical portion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). You must also submit two letters of reference and a writing sample. If you already hold a master’s or other advanced degree, you are not required to retake the GRE.

Background Knowledge

When applying to the M.A. program, you should already have completed one year of U.S. survey courses (1301/1302) (6 hours), any one upper-division history course (3 hours) and one course in historical research and writing (3390) (3 hours).

You may be admitted into the program and take graduate courses while completing these requirements, even if you are lacking only one or two courses. All deficiency courses should be taken at the earliest opportunity in a graduate student’s academic career. Students will not be fully admitted into the program and may not graduate until all deficiency courses have been completed with a grade no lower than a B.


A College of Graduate Studies Scholarship of $1000 annually is available to full-time graduate students.

Thesis Options

Thesis - 30 Hours

The thesis option is strongly recommended if you plan to continue graduate study beyond the master's. It requires completion of 24 semester hours of class work. A minimum of 12 hours must be taken in Seminar, Readings or Directed Readings courses. You may take 6 graduate hours (class or seminar) in a supporting (minor) field. Six additional credit hours will be given for completion of the thesis.

You are also required to demonstrate knowledge of one classical or modern foreign language. This requirement may be satisfied by completing the 2312 course in a language, or by passing a nationally recognized standardized language proficiency test or by completing a reading project administered by faculty members in the History Department. American Sign Language (ASL) does not satisfy the foreign language requirement.


Non-Thesis - 36 Hours

The non-thesis option is intended to provide a strong foundation if you do not wish to pursue a higher degree. You will be required to complete 36 semester hours of class work. A minimum of 18 hours must be in Seminar, Readings or Directed Readings courses. You may take 6 hours in an approved minor field. After completing their class work, you must take a comprehensive written and oral examination. A foreign language is not required for the non-thesis Master of Arts in History.