Student of the Month

Each month during the academic year (September-May), the history department honors one undergraduate history major or minor as the Student of the Month. All previous winners are eligible for the department's Student of the Year award.


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May 2024

Frank Morrell

Frank Morrell graduated from Westbook High School in 2012 and spent many years as a heavy equipment mechanic, even starting his own construction equipment repair business in 2019. After graduating with his history degree in December 2024, he plans to enter the next phase of his life by heading off to law school.

Recent Student of the Month recipients


September 2021: C.J. Delgado
October 2021: Canyon Cassidy
November 2021: Cheyenne Singler
Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022: Alexander J. Johnson
February 2022: Karen Pham
March 2022: Lindsey Chirafis
April 2022: Blayne Garza
May 2022: Jeri Wolfe


September 2022: Braden Fitzgerald
October 2022: Meagan Brugman
November 2022: Matthew Mondelli
Dec. 2022/Jan. 2023: Jessie Nava
February 2023: Jasmine Garcia
March 2023: Brandon Stumpf
April 2023: Kimberly McDonald
May 2023: Millie DeLeon


September 2023: Kayla Laird
October 2023: Raphael Gutzke
November 2023: Marissa Romero
Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024: Elianna Auer
February 2024: Paris Carrell
March 2024: Matthew Gilbert
April 2024: Emily Smith
May 2024: Frank Morrell