There are plenty of resources to support you as you adapt to learning online. In addition to using these tools and strategies, be sure to reach out to your instructor and campus resources for support.

Eight Questions to Ask Yourself To Get Started:

  • Do I have access to my courses on LU Learn (Blackboard)?
  • What textbooks or materials are required for this course?
  • What technology is required?
  • Is this course self-paced or do I need to meet my class online at a specific date/time?
  • How and when will office hours be held?
  • What are ways I can contact my professor?How do I a submit my course work? What format do I have to submit work in?
  • What academic resources can I use to support my learning?

Course Strategies

These strategies provide information on how to make the most of your online learning experience.

  • Take ownership over your course and set goals to complete your assignments
  • Create a schedule for when you will logon and engage with your courses
  • Remember you are not alone, reach out to your classmates, professors and campus resources

Testing Strategies

Review the tips listed below and pick some to implement for your next online test:

  • Reread questions to avoid missing key words
  • Set up a space to take your test where you won't be disturbed
  • Complete a practice test in the same time frame you have for your test
  • Have paper and a pencil ready to work out problems
  • Test your Internet connection and make sure your computer is charged

Study Strategies

Learning from a distance doesn't mean you have learn everything alone or study alone. Use these tools to connect with others during your learning:

  • Communicate with your professor during class, attend online office hours and ask questions
  • Collaborate with your peers using Microsoft Teams or emailing each other on LU Learn (Blackboard)
  • Create study tools online using Quizlet or StudyBlue

Academic Coaching Resources

Here are a few articles, videos, and practical tools that you can use to strengthen your skills. To go more in-depth, schedule a time to meet with us.

Request Academic Coaching

Tools to Use With Your Academic Advisor or Academic Coach

Academic Strengths and Challenges Quest – This tool will help you think through what's working well for you academically and which areas could use a little work. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your skills and build strategies!

Student Success Plan – Think further about your strengths and challenges and create action steps to help you reach your academic goals.


Workload Management

Planning & Organization


15 Organizational Tips for College Students

Time Management Tips for Busy College Students

A tool you can use: 

Weekly Time Sheet












College-Level Thinking



What is Metacognition?

Metacognitive Study Strategies









Bloom's Taxonomy


Higher Order Thinking: Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Overview





Helpful Links

Below are links to helpful on campus programs and departments that offer online services.

Below are links if you are having difficulty with any technology you use for your online courses.