Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CC meet up like?

    A typical day will have you on your feet participating in large group activities, listening to mini presentations and discussing ideas in small, facilitated groups. You'll do things like visit campus resources, talk to representatives from student orgs, and make friends through fun games! CC meet ups are weekly for 1 hour in the fall semester. Meet ups are offered Monday through Friday at a variety of times. Check the course schedule for current offerings or talk to your advisor.

  • How do I pick or change my CC?

    First, see what we offer: Choose Your Community
    Then, select your top 3 choices. Seats fill fast, so it is first come, first serve. 
    Next, input your choices on the Advising Questionnaire you'll receive when you register for New Student Orientation.
    Once received, your advisor will work to include one of your top 3 choices on your schedule. You will see the CC meet up on your class schedule.

  • Who facilitates meet ups?

    Your CC group meet up will be co-facilitated by a peer mentor and a professional mentor. Your professional mentor is a faculty or staff member who has been chosen because they have shown a true passion for student success. The professional mentor is listed as the "instructor" for your CC meet up. 

  • Will I earn a grade?

    Cardinal Communities is not a typical course where you are awarded a grade. Instead, students who have actively participated earned higher GPAs, are more connected to LU, and are more likely to continue on to their second year of studies.

  • How do I find out where my CC meet up is located?

    Use LU Connect at to access self-serve banner. Login with your Student ID and pin, then go to your student tab and look at your class schedule. A time, day and location should be listed next to CC-101. If it is not listed, email for assistance.

  • How do I request to meet with my peer mentor 1:1?

    Each peer mentor has a personal link that you can use to set up a time that works with both your schedules. You can ask them for the link or email Meet with your peer mentor to design your life at LU, get involved or to just talk!

  • Who can answer my other questions?about CC?

    If you'd like to drop by in person, our office is located in Communication Building, Room 109R in STAR Services. You can also email us at or call 409-880-8115 for assistance. 

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