Technology Support

LU Online relies heavily on technology, including various powerful third party programs and dynamic learning software, to provide the most flexible and convenient learning experience possible. As such, comprehensive support for said technology is crucial to ensuring that our students and faculty can get the most out of our program.

LU Learn

Blackboard is our primary platform for all online courses. It is a powerful and integrated set of web-based tools for course management and delivery, and is where you will likely be spending most of your time as an LU Online student or faculty member. The platform provides a variety of tools and resources for instructors and students to manage and deliver online coursework, including but not limited to various communication tools, integrated assessment and grading options, and comprehensive collaboration tools.

With such a comprehensive learning management system, complications and confusion is bound to arise. Let us help you get the most out of Blackboard!


Honorlock upholds academic integrity with online exam proctoring that’s monitored by AI and reviewed by humans. This blend of review delivers a less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student, and is easy to setup and maintain for faculty.

When done right, proctored testing creates a non-invasive and equitable environment for testing, holding everyone accountable to do their best work.

Adobe Connect

Whether its a virtual classroom, meeting, or webinar, Adobe Connect provides a robust and streamline collaboration experience for professors and students alike.


Video content is an important element of many distance learning programs, and LU Online relies on Yuja's scalable and extensive Digital Asset platform to manage it. Whether you need to embed a video directly into Blackboard or you want to scroll through endless quality content, Yuja is there to host the educational resources you need.


Faculty can supplement your course content and management with Qwickly's expansive learning management software. Between managing attendance, creating and sharing content, and facilitating communication between instructors and students, Qwickly has a wide range of helpful tools.

Whether your a student or faculty, if you need assistance with account managment or technology support, Lamar University's IT can help.

IT Help and Support

Have Questions?

For technical support for Lamar accounts, including password resetting, Self-Service Banner, and Wifi problems, please contact IT Help and Support.

For technical support for third party programs, please contact the vendor's support desk directly, usually found through their website.

For information regarding what third party programs are available and best for your distance learning needs, contact our Learning Technologies team at