Cardinal Communities

Connect to and develop networks that empower you to thrive at Lamar University and beyond.

What is Cardinal Communities?

Cardinal Communities at Lamar University

Cardinal Communities (CC) provides individual and group mentoring for first time in college students. Each CC group consists of 35 students, a peer mentor and a faculty/staff mentor who share a common interest. CC students gain information and build networks by connecting to fellow LU students, campus resources and services, their major/academic department, student organizations and more. 


Benefits of Cardinal Communities

Supportive Community
Form Connections
Build Networks
Learn How to Be a Cardinal

What Students Say...

Student Quotes

I enjoy the Cardinal Communities meet up. It's nice to be a part of a group of people who can help you.

Student Quotes

Peer mentors make their students feel cared for (mental and physical health) and inspire their students with positive words of affirmation.  

Student Quotes

My peer mentor makes being an ASL major fun! She reassured me that I made the right decision in my major.