What is LU Success?

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Elevate Your Learning

LU Success is a free academic success coaching service provided to Lamar University undergraduate students who want to strengthen strategies and techniques to learn and plan most effectively and succeed in college.


Students Say...
"It helped motivate me knowing someone here wants to see me succeed and improve."

"If one doesn't know where to start, LU Success is the BEST place to start."

"You will not come out the same after leaving. You change for the better."

"I am now able to manage my time better. I have better studying skills, and I am confident about my grades."


Peer Success Partners will...

Peer Success Partners connect with students through individual appointments to help them develop skills for college success. They will...

  • Introduce students to active learning strategies
  • Share techniques to help students develop systems to plan and organize their time most effectively
  • Help students identify short-term and long-term goals
  • Guide students in creating individualized study plans based on how they learn best
  • Provide on-going support for students in their efforts to implement their plans