LUTD Selects Works to Represent Regionally

Fall and Recovery 2019Each year the Department of Theatre & Dance travels to the American College Dance Association Regional Conference held at hosting higher education institutions across the region. The American College Dance Association exists to support and affirm dance in higher education through regional conferences, the adjudication process, and national festivals. The educational mission of the Association is to foster creative potential, to honor multiple approaches to scholarly and creative research and activity, to promote excellence in choreography and/or performance, and to give presence and value to diversity in dance. The Association acts as a national membership service organization to strengthen the educational network for students and faculty within the academic dance community.

The following works have been nominated and selected to represent Lamar University Department of Theatre & Dance at the America College Dance Association Central Region Conference in March 2020 in Edmond, Oklahoma. Congratulations to all choreographers and dancers for a thrilling year of dance. We thank you for your thematically profound artistry. The decision was made tough by the strong choreography displayed throughout the year.

ACDA Nominations                                             Dance

Amy Elizabeth - Stromata Tis Agapis
Travis Prokop - Rate of Change
Raven Cormier- The Hand the Rocks the Cradle
Jenny Keim- Pass Me Down
Mia Paul- Solm Ate
Sarah Vickery- Tive Gake

ACDA Selections


  1. Travis Prokop - Rate of Change
  2. Sarah Vickery - Tive Gake


  1. Amy Elizabeth - Stromata Tis Agapis (Eros Excerpt)

Images: (Top) "Rate of Change" by Travis Prokop, assistant professor. Photo by Lynn Lane.
(Bottom) "Stromata tis Agapis" (Eros Excerpt) by Amy Elizabeth in collaboration with guest Jared Doster. Photo by Lynn Lane.