Section 6 - Attendance/Leave


SCOPE: FACULTY AND STAFF Date Issued: 4/1/00

1. Time and Attendance Records: Lamar University is under the jurisdiction of the State Government Code and must comply with all the rules and regulations promulgated there under, including the requirement to maintain attendance and leave records on each employee. Under the Government Code, the University is required "to keep a record of the vacation and sick leave accrual and absences of each employee, and the reasons therefore, whether from sickness, vacation, or leave of absences without pay. Such records shall be available for public inspection." Also, hours worked and absences from work by a staff member must be recorded to ensure the staff member's receiving proper payment for hours actually worked, or for leave entitlements. To this end, department officials are encouraged to appoint departmental time clerks who will be responsible for timekeeping records for a specific unit, department, or subdivision thereof.

2. Records: Time and attendance records must be maintained on each faculty and staff member by use of the following forms (must be completed in ink or typed).

2.1 Request for Leave Form (F3.6A): This form must be initiated whenever a regular faculty or staff member requests leave. This form is usually initiated prior to the date the leave is requested; however, in emergency situations (sick leave, etc.), this form is to be promptly submitted subsequent to the date the leave is requested. This record will be retained in the individual department and used to validate the Vacation Sick/Leave Form (F3.6).

2.2 Departmental Time Record: This form should be maintained to record the hours and days worked and absences for each faculty and staff member. Leaves or absences reported on the Request for Leave Form should also be reported on this form. Both the faculty/staff member and Department Head or a department official with signature authority must sign the Department Vacation/Sick Leave Form (F3.6).

3. Time Reporting: Each employee is responsible for accurately reporting the actual time worked or official absences on the departmental leave records. By affixing her/his signature to the F3.6, the supervisor certifies the accuracy of the report. Intentional reporting of absences as time worked or leave time taken is a major work rule violation and will subject the staff member to discharge.

4. Records Retention: All leave records must be retained for official audit purposes. The University retention schedule requires time records be maintained for the current fiscal year plus the previous three fiscal years.



Texas Government Code §661.908