Section 6 - Attendance/Leave



Revised: 1/01/07

Policy: The Performance Excellence Leave is to recognize an individual employee who has accomplished a significant duty or job in an exemplary manner and by so doing there has been a major affect on the department and a benefit to the University. This may be by doing a major function of the employee’s primary job function in an exemplary manner, completing a major project outside the normal function of the employee’s job, or accepting additional responsibilities for an extended period of time.


1. The direct supervisor of the employee must write a memo of request which will be forwarded through all levels of supervision to the Vice President who together with the President will approve or deny the request. This memo should contain:

1.1 A complete description of the project, exemplary performance, or additional job responsibilities accepted by the employee. Examples or documentation may be included.

1.2 An explanation why the performance is to be considered exceptional.

1.3 An explanation of the impact on the function of the department and/or the benefit to the University.

1.4 A statement regarding the overall performance of the individual and his/her attendance.

1.5 A request for a specific number of hours.

2. The memo of request and justification shall be taken by the Vice President to the President for final approval.

3. The employee will receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the President and the Vice President. The certificate shall note the accomplishment and the awarded performance leave.

4. With the supervisor’s approval, employees may use the awarded time any time during the 12 months immediately following the award. The use of this time will be noted on the F 3.6 as administrative leave and a copy of the approval memo will be attached to the F 3.6.

5. Eligibility:

5.1 Employee receiving the recognition must have at least one year of service with the University.

5.2 Employee must have received a performance evaluation in the last year which indicates the employee meets or exceeds expectations.

5.3 Employee must not have received formal disciplinary action in the last twelve months.

5.4 The award is available to all classified and unclassified staff employees.

6. The State of Texas Governmental code Chapter 661.911 limits these awards to 32 hours during a fiscal year.



Texas Government Code, §661.991

State Auditor’s Leave Interpretation Letter No. 98.02 (1997)