Section 6 - Attendance/Leave



Revised: 1/01/07; 1/1/09

1. Purpose: It shall be the intent of the University to reemploy retired members of the faculty and staff when such employment is beneficial to the goals of the University.

2. Procedures:

2.1 Resumption of work by Faculty members: All reemployment of retired faculty members shall be consistent with the procedures established in the Faculty Handbook.

2.2 Resumption of Work by Teacher Retirement members without suspension of retiree benefits: Reemployment of Teacher Retirement System retirees shall be within the restrictions established by the Teacher Retirement System unless the retiree is willing to end retirement benefits. Employment beyond the limitations in this section must be reported to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. Care should be taken by departments and the retirees to preserve their retirement status.

2.2.1 Teacher Retirement System return to work restrictions must be explored by the returning retiree. TRS has established time limits before retirees may return. Retirees must be off the payroll system for one entire calendar month.

2.2.2 Once approved by TRS to return to work, a retired employee may work no more than 6 months in a full time capacity per year in a staff position if that work occurs after the effective date of retirement and the retiree notifies TRS of the employment.

2.2.3 A retired employee may work in a non-benefits eligible, part time capacity for two long semesters. 1

3. Annual Leave Accruals for RTW Retirees: Vacation accruals for return-to-work retirees are based on retirement and rehire dates. Return-to-work retirees are not required to re-establish the six month continuous service requirement in order to take vacation with pay.1 See Vacation Leave Policy 6.8, Number 11 for more information on vacation accruals for retirees (Senate Bill 11 1863) 2

4. Optional Retirement Retirees: The ORP retiree does not face the same restrictions as TRS retirees and may return to work whenever there is a need and a desire.3 ORP retirees must have a minimum of one month break in service to begin retirement distributions.

5. Retirement Contributions/Health Insurance: Returning Retirees may elect to continue coverage for which they are eligible as a retiree or may elect coverage as an active employee. 3 The returning retiree will have no contributions to TRS or ORP unless the TRS retiree has returned to work in excess of the time allowed and has established the return with TRS. 4



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