Faculty and Staff

mansour-index.jpgMansour Karkoub, Ph.D., HDR, PE, F-ASME, F-IET                     
Department Chair and Professor
Michael E. and Patricia P. Aldredge  Endowed Chair     

Research: Robust Control,  Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles

chu-resized.jpgHsing-Wei Chu, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Piper and University Professor

Research: Operations ResearchStatistical Decision Analysis, Network Flow

Zhou-resize.jpgJenny Zhou, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of College of Engineering and Professor   

Research: Plant Biomechanics, Multi-Scale Modeling, Engineering Education Research

Fan-resized.jpgXuejunFan, Ph.D.
Regents’ Professor of Texas State University System (TSUS)
University Professor
Mary Ann and Lawrence E. Faust Endowed Professor 

Research: Multi-Physics/Scale Modeling, Characterization and Reliability in Electronics Packaging

xianchang liXianchang Li, Ph.D.

Research: Gas Turbine Blade Cooling, Combustion and Emissions, Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Flares

chun wei yaoChun-Wei Yao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research: Hydrophobic Coating, Microdroplets, Anti-Corrosion Coating, Surface Engineering
ping hePing He, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research: Computational research on supercritical fluids, wetting phenomena, multiphase, multiphysics fluid flows 
zhe-index.jpgZhe Fan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: Mechanical properties and deformation mechanics of materials at bulk and nano-scale, Microstructure characterization  

sushil durangaSushil Doranga, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: Force Reconstruction in a Dynamic System, Nonlinear Structural Dynamics, Inverse Problem Modeling

yavas-index.jpgDenizhan Yavas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Research: interfacial fracture mechanics, failure of additively    manufactured materials, mechanical characterization

professor ajit patkiAjit Patki, D.E.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Research: Numerical Simulation of Black Carbon Emissions from Non-Premixed Flames; CFD Study of Flare Operating Parameters


melinda venable

Melinda Kay Venable
Administrative Associate Sr.
Office: Room 2612 Cherry Engineering Building
Phone: (409) 880-8769


Mukunda Khanal
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Technician 
Office: Room 1402 Cherry Engineering Building
Phone: (409) 880-1859