Chun-Wei Yao, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

  • Y. Chen, T. Li, Z. Jia, F. Scarpa, C.W. Yao, L. Wang, " 3D printed hierarchical honeycombs with shape integrity under large compressive deformations," Materials & Design, 137, 226-234, 2018.
  • C.W. Yao, C.L. Lai, J. Alvarado, J. Zhou, K. Aung, J. Mejia, “Experimental Study on Effect of Surface Vibration on Micro Textured Surfaces with Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Materials, ” Applied Surface Science, 412, 45-51, 2017.
  • T.F. Wu, Y.C. Chen, W.C. Wang, A.S. Kucknoor, C.J. Lin, Y.H. Lo, C.W. Yao, I. Lian, " Rapid Waterborne Pathogen Detection with Mobile Electronics,"  Sensors, 17, 1348, 2017.
  • M.H. Liao, H.Y. Huang, F.A. Tsai, C.C. Chuang, M.H. Hsu, C.C. Lee, M.H. Lee, C. Lien, C.F. Hsieh, T.C. Wu, H.S. Wu, C.W. Yao, " The achievement of the super short channel control in the magnetic Ge n-FinFETs with the negative capacitance effect," Vacuum, 140, 63-65, 2017.
  • C.W.Yao, J. Alvarado, C. Marsh, B. Jones, M. Collins, “Wetting Behavior on Hybrid Surfaces with Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Properties,” Applied Surface Science, 290 (0), 59-65, 2014.
  • C.W. Yao, T. Garvin, J. Alvarado, C. Marsh, D. Garrett, “Fluid Dynamics of Condensed Droplets on Microscale Hybrid Surfaces,” Journal of Heat Transfer 135, 080905, 2013.
  • C.W. Yao, T. Garvin, J. Alvarado, A. Jacobi, B. Jones, C. Marsh, "Droplet Contact Angle Behavior on a hybrid surface with hydrophobic and hydrophobic properties," Applied Physics Letters, 101, (11), 111605-5, 2012.


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station
  • M.S. Engineering Science, National Taiwan University
  • B.S.  Harbor and River Engineering, National Ocean Taiwan University

Awards & Honors

  • George Bush Presidential Library Foundation Grant, 2014