Chun-Wei Yao, Ph.D.

Selected Publications (SCI/SCI Expanded)

  • T.T.M. Nguyen, S. Rabbanifar, Z. Luo, C. Huddleston, T. O'Connor, A. Richard, M. Michel, R. Moon, C.W. Yao, M. Jao, P. Bernazzani, "Development of Fiber Reinforced Sustainable Dredge Bricks," Applied Sciences, 2023.
  • Md. Hoque, C.W. Yao, M. Khanal, I. Lian, "Tribocorrosion Behavior of Micro/Nanoscale Coatings," Sensors, 2022. 
  • Md. Hoque, C.W. Yao, I. Lian, J. Zhou, M. Jao, Y.C. Huang, "Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance of a Hot-dip Galvanized Steel by Superhydrophobic Top Coating," MRS Communications, 2022. 
  • A. Jena, Y. V. R. Bhimavarapu, S. Tang, J. Liu, R. Das, S. Gulec, A. Vinod, C.W. Yao, T. Cai, R.Tadmor, “Stages That Lead to Drop Depinning and Onset of Motion," Langmuir, 2022. 
  • D. Sebastian, C.W. Yao, L. Nipa, I. Lian, G. Twu "Corrosion Behavior and mechanical Properties of a Nanocomposite Superhydrophobic Coating," Coatings, 2021.
  • D. Sebastian, C.W. Yao, "Simultaneous Mapping of Nanoscale Topography and Surface Potential for the Study of Localized Corrosion in 2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy and Corrosion Resistance Introduced by a Superhydrophobic Coating," MRS Communications, 2021.
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Course Schedule

Teaching Schedule for Fall 2023
Engineering Analysis - 11566 - MEEN 3340 - 01
Engineering Analysis - 13414 - MEEN 3340 - 48F
Integrated Systems Design - 10273 - MEEN 4310 - 10
Material Science - 10185 - MEEN 4319 - 01
Materials Science - 12938 - MEEN 4319 - 10
Materials Science-LAB - 12939 - MEEN 4319 - 11
Materials Science-LAB - 12940 - MEEN 4319 - 12
Materials Science-LAB - 12941 - MEEN 4319 - 13
Professional Seminar - 11298 - MEEN 6110 - 01



On May 4, Dr. Yao received the Lamar University Merit Award for distinguished teaching which has inspired and enriched the lives of students.



On August 18, Dr. Yao was promoted to associate professor with tenure and recognized at the University’s convocation. 



On June 3Dr. Yao's team published one article in Springer Nature-MRS Communications.



On February 23Dylan from Dr. Yao's group represented Lamar University at the biennial Texas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol in Austin.



On October 31, Dylan from Dr. Yao's group participated in the prestigious Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by Rice University.


On October 24, Divine won first place in the graduate student oral presentation competition at the 8th Annual Texas STEM conference.


On July 10, Lamar University's Center for Midstream Management and Science has launched Profiles in Midstream and named Dr. Yao its first honoree.



On November 7, Dylan from Dr. Yao's group received the 2019 Undergraduate Research Grant Award.


On November 2, Divine won second place in the graduate student oral presentation competition at the Seventh Annual Texas STEM conference.



On August 21, Dr. Yao participated in provost's Kick-Off and Department's Showcase.




On November 5, Stacy from Dr. Yao's group received the 2018 Undergraduate Research Grant Award.



On September 27, me students and Dr. Yao's group participated in the Youth Career Expo at Ford Arena, Beaumont, Texas. Over 2500 high school students attended. 

2018youthcareerexpo   2018youthcareerexpo                  

On July 23-27, Dr. Yao's group educated 9-12th-grade students participating in the Project Engineer summer program at Lamar University. The goal of the program is to pique students interests in the field of engineering through hands-on demonstrations, lab tours, and presentations. 

Summer group


On May 1, Dr. Yao received the 2018 Research Enhancement Grant Award from Lamar University.



On February 23, the Canadian research website, Advances in Engineering (AIE), has highlighted Dr. Yao's paper "Effect of surface vibration on micro textured surfaces with hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials".
AIE's mission is to offer their readers the breaking news about the latest scientific knowledge and innovative technologies.



  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station
  • M.S. Engineering Science, National Taiwan University

Awards & Honors

  • Lamar University Merit Award, 2022
  • Research Enhancement Grant Award, Lamar University, 2018
  • George Bush Presidential Library Foundation Grant, 2014