Development of Innovative Engineering Surfaces for Water Harvesting 

water harvesting

Dr. Yao's project studies the physics that govern water harvesting on engineering surfaces. Specifically, the group investigated how nano/micro engineering surfaces affect condensing and collecting water. Innovative engineering surfaces were fabricated for water harvesting.

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Effect of Residual Elements on the Mechanical Strength of Recycled Steels

Dr. Guduru's project is sponsored by Gerdau Long Steel involves a small-scale mechanical testing technique, shear punch test, built to study the mechanical properties of wire rod steels (produced by Gerdau Long Steel) as a function of their residual content while correlating with their tensile properties and microstructures.

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High Temperature Tribological Performance of Ni Alloys under Helium Environment

ali-high-temp-tribological-performance.pngDr. Beheshti's project focuses on a comprehensive multiscale numerical modeling to investigate and compare the friction, surface damage (wear, fretting, fatigue and self-welding) and contact response of tribo-pairs in atmospheric condition and helium environment.

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