Research and Labs

Current Research Projects

Effects of Superhydrophobic Coating on Corrosion Resistance

Dr. Yao's project studies the mechanism that governs corrosion and electrochemical reactions on superhydrophobic coating. This study shows that the resulting superhydrophobic surface exhibit durability and corrosion resistance. 

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Tailoring the mechanical properties of high-aspect-ratio carbon nanotube arrays using amorphous silicon carbide coatings

Dr. Fan's project studies the effects of nanoscale conformal coatings of amorphous silicon carbide on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube pillars. 

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Developing a Novel Numerical Model for the Analysis of Effective, Superhydrophobic Coatings

Dr. He's and Dr. Yao's research team develop a powerful numerical tool to analyze the effectiveness of superhydrophobic coatings. The simulation tool is also a general tool to study the dynamic wetting phenomena on a wide range of surface topologies and chemical heterogeneities.  

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Combustion Efficiency and Emissions of Industrial Flares

Dr. Li's project is to simulate the details of chemical reaction together with the interaction with turbulence. Up to 50 species and hundreds of reactions are considered, which are subject to the limit of the software in use, ANSYS Fluent  

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Laboratories and Center

Our faculty members work with graduate students and undergraduate students in the following labs and center: