Xuejun Fan, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

  • 2021

    1. Ma L, Qiu W, Fan XJ. Stress/strain characterization in electronic packaging by micro-Raman spectroscopy: A review. Microelectronics Reliability, 118, 114045, 2021.
    2. Ibrahim MS, Fan JJ, Yung WKC, Jing Z, Fan XJ, van Driel W, Zhang GQ. System level reliability assessment for high power light-emitting diode lamp based on a Bayesian network method. Measurement, 176, 109191, 2021.
    3. Fan JJ, Jing Z, Cao Y, Ibrahim MS, Li M, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Prognostics of radiation power degradation lifetime for ultraviolet light-emitting diodes using stochastic data-driven models, Energy and AI, 4, 100066, 2021.
    4. Cui Z, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Molecular dynamic study for concentration-dependent volume relaxation of vacancy. Microelectronics Reliability, 120, 114127, 2021.
    5. Yuan W, Fan JJ, Dong L, Chen S, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Evaluating the moisture resistance of Y3Al5O12: Ce3+ phosphor used in high power white LED packaging. Microelectronics Reliability 121, 114130. 2021.
    6. Qian Y, Hou FZ, Fan JJ, Lv Q, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Design of a Fan-Out Panel-Level SiC MOSFET Power Module Using Ant Colony Optimization-Back Propagation Neural Network. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 3460 – 3467, 7(68), 3460 – 3467, 2021.
    7. Tang HY, Gao C, Yang H, Sacco L, Sokolovskij R, Zheng H, Ye HY, Vollebregt S, Yu HY, Fan XJ, Zhang, GQ. Room temperature ppt-level NO2 gas sensor based on SnO x/SnS nanostructures with rich oxygen vacancies, 2D Materials, 8(4), 45006, 2021.
    8. Yuan CA, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Solder joint reliability risk estimation by AI-assisted simulation framework with genetic algorithm to optimize the initial parameters for AI models. Materials, 14, 17, 4835. 2021.
    9. Ma LL, Zheng J, Fan XJ, Qiu W. Determination of stress components in a complex stress condition using micro-Raman spectroscopy. Optics Express, 29, 19, 30319-30326. 2021.
    10. Hu D, Gu T, Cui Z, Vollebregt S, Fan XJ,  Zhang GQ, Fan JJ. Insights into the high-sulphur aging of sintered silver nanoparticles: An experimental and ReaxFF study. Corrosion Science 192, 109846, 2021.
    11. Fan JJ, Jiang D, Zhang H, Hu, D, Liu X, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. High-Temperature Nanoindentation Characterization of Sintered Nano-Copper Particles Used in High Power Electronics Packaging. SSRN 2021
    12. Chen LB, Fan XJ, Liu Y. Testing and Modeling of Board Level Reliability of WLCSP under UHAST Conditions  2021 IEEE 71st Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 1329-1333,2021.
    13. Fan JJ, Gu T, Wang P, Cai W, Fan XJ, Zhang GQ. Constitutive Modeling of Sintered Nano-silver Particles: A Variable-order Fractional Model versus an Anand Model. 2021 22nd International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE).

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  • Ph.D. (Solid Mechanics), Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • M.S. (Applied Mechanics), Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
  • B.S. (Applied Mechanics), Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Awards & Honors

  • Regents’ Professor Award, Texas State University System, 2019.
  • Mary Ann and Lawrence E. Faust Endowed Professor, Lamar University, 2019.
  • IEEE Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019.
  • University Professor Award, Lamar University, 2018.
  • Distinguished Faculty Research Fellow, Lamar University, 2018-2021.
  • Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award, IEEE Electronic Packaging Society, 2017.
  • Larry Lawson Research Fellow, Lamar University, 2017-2020.
  • University Scholar, Lamar University, 2017.
  • Faculty Mentor Award, Lamar University, 2015.
  • Presidential Faculty Fellow, Lamar University, 2015-2016.
  • Exceptional Technical Achievement Award, IEEE Electronic Packaging 2011.
  • IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Electronic Packaging Society, 2008.
  • Young Scientist Award, Shanxi Province, China. 1995.
  • Young Faculty Award, Fok Ying-Tung Education Foundation, Hong Kong. 1994.
  • Young Scientist Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japan. 1993.
  • One of 30 Nominees in nation for the Title ‘Ten Outstanding Youth of China’, China. 1991.
  • Full Professorship, early promotion, Taiyuan University of Technology, 1991.