Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Council

ME-index4.jpgMr. Craig Mitchell

Business: Lockheed Martin
Title: Missile Performance Analysis Lead
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2005

Mr. David S. Haby

Business: ExxonMobil
Title: Project Manager (Retired)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1979

ME-index4.jpgMr. Eli Clark

Business: Lyondellbasell
Title: Reliability Team Lead
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2004

ME-index4.jpg Mr. Haden Vroyal

Business: John Crane
Title: Customer Reliability Engineer III
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2012

ME-index4.jpgMr. Jim Weir

Business: Weir Innovation, LLC
Title: President
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2004

ME-index4.jpgMrs. Leatha Hallmark

Business: Marathon Petroleum
Title: Operations Manager
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2004

ME-index4.jpgMr. Michael O’Bannion

Business: Flowserve
Title: Manager of Sales
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2010
ME-index4.jpgMr. Matthew Ruggles

Business: ExxonMobil
Title: Oil Movements Reliability Lead
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2009
ME-index4.jpgMr. Saurabh Gupta

Business: Coretrax
Title: Senior Design R&D Engineer
M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2005
ME-index4.jpgMr. Trent Shoefstall

Business: Flowserve
Title: Engineering Manager
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2019

Mr. Jordan Addison

Reliability Manager
Lyondell Chemical Company

Mr. Sterling McDonald

Mechanical Engineer
Olsen Engineering, Inc.

Mr. David Bonneaux, P.E.

Manager of Engineering, Maintenance and PSM
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Comp.

Dr. Don E. Bray, Ph. D, P.E.

Don E. Bray, Inc.

Mr. Michael L. Breaux,


Mr. Josef Hoffman

Operations Manager
Baker Hughes

Dr. Surya Gade

Director of Geospatial Services
Gulf Interstate Engineering

Mr. David E. Rutledge

Mechanical Engineering Consultant
Neches Engineers

Mr. Anthony Trevino

Senior Reliability Engineer
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers

Mr. Justin Coletta

Engineering Manager

Mr. Austin Miller

Asset Effectiveness Engineer

Mr. Jeff Jones

Limetree Bay Terminals

Ms. Tiffany Sterling

Production Coordinator

Ms. Julie Rodriguez

Planning Supervisor

Mr. Sameer Ghalsasi

Sr. Materials Engineer/Supv

Mr. Chris Johnson

Director, North American Offshore
Baker Hughes

Mr. Frank Morrell

Engineering Manager
American Valve & Hydrant

Mr. Wes Worthey, P.E.

Senior Staff Engineer
Motiva Enterprises LLC

Mr. Tim Long

CLG Sustaining Manager
Schlumberger Completions

Mr. Neal W. Baker, P.E.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc.

Mr. Adam Tanton

Turnaround Execution Lead

Ms. Kristen Reckart

Maintenance Execution Manager
Motiva Enterprises LLC

Ms. Julie M. Rodriguez

Intermediates Americas Business Analyst
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Mr. Paul Madero

VP, Global Drilling Services
Baker Hughes

Dr. Bhaskar Yalamanchili

Director, Corporate Quality
Gerdau Long Steel North America