Chun-Wei Yao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Peer-reviewed Journal Publications, Science Citation Index (SCI/SCI Expanded)

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Conference Presentations

  • P.-Y. Lu, C. Lien, C.W. Yao, M.-H. Lee, M.-H. Liao, “The demonstration of Carbon Nano-Tubes (CNTs) as a promising high Aspect Ratio (>25) Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) material for the vertical connection in the high dense 3DICs,” 66th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 12-18, 2020.
  • A. Azimi, C. Rohrs, P. He, C.W. Yao, “Establishing a Novel Continuum Model of Static and Dynamic Contact Angles in a Superhydrophobic Case Study: A Water Droplet on Micrometer-sized Patterns of a Hybrid Hydrophobic/-philic Surface,” 71th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Atlanta, GA, November 18-20, 2018.
  • P. He, C.W. Yao, “Continuum Modeling of a Water Droplet Sitting on a Vibrating Superhydrophobic Surface,” 70th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Denver, CO, November 19-21, 2017.
  • J. E. Mejia, J.L. Alvarado, C.W. Yao, “Effects of Induced Vibration Modes on Droplet Sliding Phenomena,” 69th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Portland, OR, November 20-22, 2016.
  • C.W. Yao, C.L. Lai, J.L. Alvarado, C.P. Marsh, M.K. Collins, “Effects of Induced Vibrations on Droplet Shedding on Nanoparticles-Based and Structured Hydrophobic Surfaces,”ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress& Exposition, San Diego, CA, November 15-21, 2013.
  • C.W. Yao, T. P. Garvin, J.L. Alvarado, C.P. Marsh, B.G. Jones, M.K. Collins, ”Condensation Heat Transfer on Microscale Hybrid Surfaces,”ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, Minneapolis, MN, July 14-19, 2013.
  • C.W. Yao, J. Alvarado, “Wetting Properties and Condensation Dynamics of Microscale Hybrid Surfaces,” International Workshop on Micro and Nano Structures for Phase Change Heat Transfer, MIT Endicott House, Dedham, MA, April 22-23, 2013.
  • C.W. Yao, J. Alvarado, C. Marsh, A. Jacobi, “Fluid Dynamics of Condensed Droplets on Hybrid Surfaces,” 65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, San Diego, CA, November 18-20, 2012.
  • C.W. Yao, J. Alvarado, “Dropwise and Filmwise Condensation on Microscale Hybrid Surfaces,” ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress& Exposition, Houston, TX, November 9-15, 2012.
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  • J. Alvarado, C.W. Yao, “Adsorption of Methanol in an Activated Carbon and Carbon Nanotube Matrix,” Carbon Nano Materials and Applications Workshop, Rapid City, S.D., Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2011.
  • R. Arroyave, A. Junkaew, A. Garay, A. Chari, C.W. Yao, “Thermodynamic, Structural Properties and Transformation Behavior in CoNiGa Alloys from First Principles,” Proceedings of the TMS Annual Meeting (2010). Seattle, Washington, Feb. 14th-18th, 2010.