Dr. James Curry
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Anita Riddle Excellence in Engineering Teaching Fellowship
Director of Online Programs and Outreach for the College of Engineering

Dr. James Curry

Selected Publications

  1. McSweeney, K., Curry, J., Curtis, R., Wari, E., Zhu, W., Craig, B., Hussain, M.M., Haces-Garcia, A., Idahosa, O.P., Zeni, E. and Seshasaikrishna, G. (2023). Development of a Comprehensive Multi-Component Toolkit for Offshore Safety Culture Assessment. Process Safety and Environmental Protection.Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Volume 175, July 2023, Pages 78-87.
  2. Robert Kelley Bradley, James Curry, Victor Zaloom, Brian Craig, Alberto Marquez, Xinyu Liu, Berna Tokgoz, Yueqing Li, Maryam Hamidi, Gary Yentzen, Acyut Kaneria, Weihang Zhu, Results of the First 6 Years of a 2 + 2 Online B.S. Industrial Engineering Degree Pathway, ASEE Annual Conference 2021
  3. Ning Lou, Ezra Wari, James Curry, Kevin McSweeney, Rick Curtis, Brian Craig, Muhammad Hussain, Weihang Zhu, Identifying Safety Culture Factors for Offshore Industry, 26th SNAME Symposium, Houston, TX, Apr 6-7, 2021
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  6. Curry, J. and Peters, B. A. (2005). Rescheduling parallel machines with stepwise increasing tardiness and machine assignment stability objectives. International Journal of Production Research, 43 (15), 3231-3246. (Peer Reviewed Journal with Impact Factor of 1.03)
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  18. Dr. James Curry, Dr. Brian Craig P.E., and Dr. Weihang Zhu (2016). An Online 2+2 Bachelor's Degree Program Track in Industrial Engineering at Lamar University. ASEE 123rd Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, June 26-29.
  19. Dr. Nicholas Brake and Dr. James C. Curry (2016). The Impact of One-Credit Introductory Engineering Courses on Engineering Self-Efficacy: Seminar v. Project-Based. ASEE 123rd Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, June 26-29.